More Chicago Machine Politics

Most Illinoians, like me, find such stories to be business as usual in Chicago, but this year such graft bears upon our national future. For those still confused about what exactly a “community organizer” does, this story from the Chicago Suntimes helps us understand. It is not complicated, really. The money earned by one group of citizens is taken by the “organizers” to give to others as a reward for political support. This is what Obama learned while being raised by the Chicago Machine. That, and that opponents are not only to be opposed, they must be eliminated.

Obama grant being probed

A $100,000 state grant for a botanic garden in Englewood that then-state Sen. Barack Obama awarded in 2001 to a group headed by a onetime campaign volunteer is now under investigation by the Illinois attorney general amid new questions, prompted by Chicago Sun-Times reports, about whether the money might have been misspent.
The garden was never built. And now state records obtained by the Sun-Times show $65,000 of the grant money went to the wife of Kenny B. Smith, the Obama 2000 congressional campaign volunteer who heads the Chicago Better Housing Association, which was in charge of the project for the blighted South Side neighborhood.

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