Judge Thomas: Racial Preference Unconstitutional

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is flirting with making the media as mad at him as they are at Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

They already have been, you say? Well, I guess he doesn’t have much to lose, then.

Thomas stated today that racial preferences and quotas are unconstitutional.

From Breitbart.com:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said Tuesday that African-Americans are better served by colorblind programs than affirmative action.

Thomas, addressing leaders of historically black colleges, said affirmative action “has become this mantra and there almost has become this secular religiosity about it. I think it almost trumps thinking.”

A longtime opponent of race-based preferences in hiring and school admissions, Thomas said, “Just from a constitutional standpoint, I think we’re going to run into problems if we say the Constitution says we can consider race sometimes.”

Imagine that: that the Constitution requires that we treat all people equally, regardless of skin color. What seems elementary to most Americans must be explicitly laid out for the liberal elite.

We shouldn’t prefer white people for jobs and schools…and we shouldn’t prefer black people for jobs and schools, either.

What a concept! Almost sounds…American.

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