Johnson/Dykstra on Hate Crimes

From the South Dakota Family Policy Council’s 2008 general election voter guide on hate crimes, comparing Senator Tim Johnson with Republican challenger Joel Dykstra:

Support S Amdt 3035 to HR 1585 (2007), which funded the prosecution of hate crimes?

Tim Johnson: Y
Joel Dykstra: N

2 Responses to “Johnson/Dykstra on Hate Crimes”

  1. So are you trying to give us one more reason to vote for Johnson. Against funding the prosecution of hate crimes? Are you kidding me?

    I’m not familiar with this bill, but I’m sure you think voting against it would be a good thing because you probably thinks it would limit your ability to spew bigotry towards gay people. But if that’s the case, and you want your fellow right-wingers to feel the same way, then you should put a reference to what the bill contains. Because when most people think of hate crimes, they think of skinheads murdering black people. And that’s not something you would want to vote against prosecuting.

  2. If people truly think of “hate crimes” as skinheads murdering black people, they would be woefully wrong.

    So-called “hate crimes” are crimes that are committed against politically-protected people (i.e. people of color, homosexuals, etc.).

    I have yet to have someone articulate a logical reason why assaulting or murdering someone because they hate an attribute about them is somehow more wrong than murdering or assaulting someone simply because that person ticked them off.

    Murder is murder, regardless of the victim’s skin color or sexual behavior or the perpetrator’s attitude toward that skin color or sexual behavior.