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New Study Finds Politial Correctness Distorts Polls

Frank Schubert, president of Schubert Flint Public Affairs and campaign manager for – Yes on 8, has announced a new study which finds support for the protection of marriage has been underestimated in polling in almost every instance. Said Schubert “For example, the Field Poll showed that support for Proposition 22 in 2000 was […]

Pro-Abortion Senator Admits: Pregnant Woman Carries a Child

So is it a child or just a blastocyst? Pro-abortion folks try to get our minds off the fact that the contents of the pregnant woman’s womb is a child by calling it a “blastocyst” or some such obfuscatory term But do they really believe the propaganda they’re foisting on the public…or do they really […]

The Moral Test of a Marxist

After I picked myself up from the floor and wiped my eyes after laughing and crying so hard, I thought I’d take a more serious look at the comments of Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) that Republicans “do not meet the moral test.” From The Politico: “To be frank about it,” he said, “I think the […]

Biden’s Big Brother Forced Patriotic Charity

Now if this isn’t Orwellian: Joe Biden says it’s patriotic to force wealthy people to pay higher taxes. Planet Earth to Biden: when you force someone to do something, there’s nothing particularly commendable in their compliance. From CNS News: “It’s time to be patriotic,” Biden said. “Time to jump in, time to be part of […]

Universal Healthcare? Is This What Americans Want?

From the London Telegraph we have news of a proposed solution to the soaring costs of “free” healthcare. I suppose that it is true that dead people cause little financial strain on the medical system. Huge savings can certainly be realized by adopting such a plan, but think what additional savings are possible if it […]

A Duty to Testify Publicly

American Minute from William J. Federer A member of the Continental Congress, he led military expeditions during the Revolutionary War, paying for them at his own expense. He built ships to raid the British, signed the Constitution and was the first President pro tem of the Senate. His name was John Langdon, and he died […]

Obama DOES Support Sex Ed for Kindergartners

While the Guardians of Truth in the “mainstream” media have declared false the assertion that Barack Obama supported sex ed for kindergartners, the truth that the rest of the world understands tells a different story. When the bill in question was examined, it was found to read “any of grades K-12 shall include instruction on […]

Pro-Lifers Arrested in People’s Republic of Maryland

There is considerable debate within the pro-life community as to whether shocking photos of the reality of abortion do more harm than good for the pro-life message. Some believe such ghastly images turn people off toward the pro-life message, while others believe the horrible reality of abortion needs to be faced by society–and say that […]

The Shadow of Big Government

This is the latest McCain ad. Government casts too big a shadow already; if Barack Obama gets a chance at the helm, it will darken everything we do.