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Pastors and Politicians Who Oppose Religious Freedom

The Washington Post is reporting on an Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) initiative to overturn the unconstitutional 1954 tax code which prohibits tax exempt organizations from endorsing political candidates. Some people believe this prohibition is rooted in the Constitution, but is not. From the ADF white paper on Pulpit Freedom Sunday: The 1954 amendment, offered by […]

Breaking News: Christian Church Teaches from Bible!

You know our society is in trouble when it’s controversial news that a church would actually stick with Biblical teaching about homosexuality.

Apathy will get us a United States President that we may deserve

By Gordon Garnos AT ISSUE: Whether or not we realize it, the November 4th General Election is just around the corner. Information on the candidates and the issues is all over the place. Polls, statistics and stuff like that about the candidates and issues are dropping from the sky. But the fear is that the […]

25 Minute CSPAN Interivew with Governor Palin

These videos are three parts of a 25 minute interview on CSPAN with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on February 24, 2008. She talks about health care, doctor shortages, the Exxon Valdez oil spill court case, the economy, ANWR, government access and accountability, taxes, fiscal responsibility, corruption, wasteful spending, endangered species and more. HT to the […]

Winnowing the Grist From the Rumor Mills

Charlie Martin at Pajamas Media has put together an informative piece to help those of us who care to sort out fact from fiction about Gov. Sarah Palin. It seems there are more rumors daily coming mostly from the left side of the blogosphere, and the MSM dutifully report many with little or no fact-checking. […]