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EPA Hijacks Your Lawnmower

You didn’t know you were an environmental ravager just because you mow your yard, did you? Yeah, you thought that bad feeling you get when you know the grass needs mowing was just because you didn’t want to get out there in the hot sun and push that mower around. You didn’t realize it was […]

Joe Lieberman: The Empire Strikes Back

We knew Senator Joe Lieberman would pay a price for speaking at the 2008 GOP Convention a few mights ago. Lieberman, while still a liberal in most areas, nevertheless has enough intellectual honesty and love of country to part ways with the Democrat Party when it comes to protecting American security and credibility. This one […]

Rapid City Journal Editor Candid on Fairness and Balance

Mikel LeFort, the editor of the Rapid City Journal, says at his Typos and tribulations blog today that a reader stopped in and confronted them about the biased headlines the Journal ran on the Democrat and Republican conventions. Like the rest of the media pack, the headlines were all roses and excitement for the Democrats, […]

Video: Sarah Palin Bio in 4 Minutes

Sarah Palin Biography Coming Oct. 10

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 5 /Christian Newswire/ — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s nomination as vice presidential candidate by John McCain not only changed the landscape of the current election, but also marks a shift in leadership style across our country. Her acceptance speech during the Republican National Convention showcased her personal brand of intelligence, passion, […]

South Dakota Dist. 34 House Coverage

The Rapid City Journal has a couple of articles today on Republican candidates for the South Dakota House from District 34. One of those is incumbent David Lust: “I have very much enjoyed my time in the Legislature and feel that I have held true to my commitment to work on issues that are important […]

Casual or Courageous?

The Rapid City Journal published a couple of good letters on the upcoming vote on the pro-life Initiated Measure 11. Bishop Chaput is right about Catholics and abortionissue A big hats off to Bishop Chaput the leader of the Denver Diocese. In no uncertain terms he roundly rebuked the Democrats for their pro-choice stance. Chaput […]

StopLight: Media Jumps the Shark

Thousands of Us Magazine Subscriptions Canceled

This is very good. NewsBusters reports between 3,000 and 10,000 people have cancelled their subscriptions to Us Magazine after the blatant political double-standard between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin came to light. In case you missed it, it came to light a couple of days ago that while Us gave the Obamas a rosy, lovey-dovey […]

Homosexual AIDS in Beijing 10x that of Prostitutes

From the Chinese Xinhua, the risk of AIDS is, as in the United States, vastly higher in the homosexual community: The transmission of HIV/AIDS among gays in the Chinese capital was even worse than through sex workers, the city’s disease control center said on Friday. Up to 5 percent of homosexuals in the city were […]

Video: McCain Nomination Acceptance Speech

In case you missed it…. Senator John McCain’s entire acceptance speech at the 2008 GOP Convention last night

9/11: The Day the World Stood Still

This video was played at the 2008 GOP Convention last night. It points out that the War on Terrorism has been going on for a long time–even before President George W. Bush came to the White House–but for too much of it we were on the retreat. It also points out the high stakes in […]

Drudge: Oprah Doesn’t Want Palin on Show

Matt Drudge is reporting on his website that there is a row erupting over at Harpo Productions over whether Gov. Palin should be invited on Oprah’s show. Little comment is needed, but I can see that Oprah is faced with a major dilemma that could hurt real bad either way she decides. I love it! […]

John McCain’s Acceptance Speech at the 2008 GOP Convention

Below are the remarks of Republican presidential nominee John McCain as prepared for the 2008 Republican National Convention, delivered the evening of Sept. 4, 2008. —————————————- Thank you all very much. Tonight, I have a privilege given few Americans — the privilege of accepting our party’s nomination for President of the United States. And I […]

Video: Some Clintonistas Enthusiastic About Palin

Turn Signal: VP Acceptance Speech Wows Crowd in St. Paul