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Sibby Online Coverage of Parental Involvement Conference

Steve Sibson at Sibby Online has some great coverage of the Statewide Parent Involvement Conference in Sioux Falls last Saturday.

Though there was some of the expected material promoting children’s autonomy from their parents and high-level educational standards that remove control from the community level, it was refreshing to hear that South Dakota Secretary of Education Rick Melmer understands the importance of both faith in the home and parental involvement.

Numerous studies have either indirectly or directly illustrated that the single most important factor in a child’s success is parental involvement.

With good parental involvement, even a child of modest intellect can do well. Without it, even a bright child will languish.

We need far more parental involvement and far fewer programs that distance children from their parents.

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One Response to “Sibby Online Coverage of Parental Involvement Conference”

  1. This is where the real battle is at. The hearts and minds are being molded in the public education arena. We need to enter, because we pay for it, and engage the system with truth. More important than that, we need to maintain respect for thoughs in the system who have fell victim to the lies.