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Additional Sioux Falls School Board Meeting Coverage at Voices Carry

Pastor Steve at Voices Carry has additional coverage of the Alpha Center ad discussion at the Sioux Falls School Board meeting tonight.

He provides some of the statements made by parents and people from the community, both for and against the ad.

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2 Responses to “Additional Sioux Falls School Board Meeting Coverage at Voices Carry”

  1. Y’know, I actually agree with part of Pastor Steve’s post about this. All this controversy gave the Alpha Center WAY more attention than they would’ve gotten from that ad if there was no controversy.

    But I don’t get the controversy. It’s just a dumb advertisement. Who cares? Ads in magazines are just background noise to me and I rarely pay attention to them. I’d say the same thing about a pro-choice ad.

  2. On that I think we can agree…except for the theoretical pro-abortion ad.

    I couldn’t condone encouraging people to kill their own children.