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Morning in America

84 presidential elections ad for Ronald Reagan campaign. Barack Obama is too much like a Jimmy Carter clone. Why would we want to put America through that again?

Foods and Food Labels

from “i walked on the moon” Brian talks about foods and labels, and food labels.

Tear Down This Wall

President Ronald ReaganRemarks at the Brandenburg Gate West Berlin, Germany June 12, 1987

The Walkie Talkie

Brian has a good point here. When I was in the Air Force, I recall one night when a new guy, fresh out of training, came to work on our shift. In military police work, you rely on your “radio” or “portable” quite a bit for communications with the dispatcher or other patrols. We do […]

Thinking About Having an Abortion?

Some suggested that my mother have an abortion but she did not and so I am alive today. My story in expressed in my video “Morning Has broken: Abortion and Pro-life” Abortion stops a beating heart thousands of times per day. A human heart starts beating 18-24 days after conception, before a woman even knows […]

Government IS the Problem

President Reagan, inaugeration day 1981. He re-iterates his promise from the campaign, to reduce the size of government.

A Devastating Choice

*Publisher’s note: this personal testimony is being reprinted in light of the upcoming vote in South Dakota on Initiated Measure 11 and the recent statement by the American Psychological Association that abortion does not threaten women’s mental health. By Myra Jean MyersTexas State LeaderOperation Outcry For 31 years, I have regretted believing the lies of […]

Children’s Books

One of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan, on children’s books

Sarah Palin an Insult to the Hillary Clinton Die-Hearts?

By Carrie K. Hutchens I caught a few comments made yesterday by the television pundits who were speculating on who John McCain’s VP choice was going to be. One comment was to the effect that it would be condescending for McCain to pick Palin and that Hillary supporters would not be impressed, but rather, would […]

How McCain should take on Obama’s ‘Trojan Horse’

BY STAR PARKERFOUNDER & PRESIDENTCOALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION Despite the careful choreography and showmanship, the Democratic Convention concluded with little in the way of news or surprises. It’s no surprise that we no longer need to refer to Sen. Obama as the “presumptive” nominee. It is no surprise that the Clintons gave rousing […]

The Scoop on the Money Behind Palin has the scoop on the money behind Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain’s freshly announced pick for VP. Among the items in the report: – When running for governor in 2006, Palin raised a total of just $468,400 on her own in 2006 and $874,000 in combination with the lieutenant governor candidate, Sean Parnell, for […]