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Arkansas Moves to Ban Homosexual Adoption

In the current war on marriage and family, children by far stand the most to lose. As much peril as this war holds for adult men and women, children are the most vulnerable and least able to defend themselves against the fallout. Children are in great need of a stable home environment as they not […]

Update on Alpha Center Statement to Sioux Falls School Board

I just spoke with Kimberly Martinez, Executive Director of the Alpha Center a few minutes ago about her statement to the Sioux Falls School Board. Her statement addressed the controversy over the the recent Alpha Center ad in the Sioux Falls School Directory. From what Martinez told me, her statement went pretty much as planned, […]

Alpha Center Director Addresses Sioux Falls School Board

This notice was received via email this afternoon: At 5:30 PM CST Kimberly Martinez, Executive Director of the Alpha Center, plans to address the Sioux Falls School Board in response to an ad that appeared in the Sioux Falls School Directory this year that offers help to women suffering after an abortion. The ads states, […]

Former Abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson

People are changing their minds about abortion all the time. All it takes is going beyond the sound bytes and taking a hard look at the facts of the issue. Some 15 years ago, I made the transition from being pro-abortion to pro-life after being encouraged by a friend to look at what the Bible […]

The Choice…A Poem for Now

GUEST SUBMISSION BY CHRIS STEWART Nations mean to choose and to do their own will in the name of God and of country they kill, and from the beginning it’s been the great hoax to commandeer allegiance from us simple folks… “Sheeple” told to vote the choices they’re given but His sheep called to note […]

Feeling the Love of the Democrat Ticket

Is it just me, or does the teamwork on the Democrat presidential ticket seem a little too close? I’m not as concerned about Joe Biden’s off-color sexist joke as I am the welfare of the Obama and Biden marriages. Check out the pic in this New York Daily News article.

What Saddleback Tells Us About Our Next President

By U.S. Senator Sam Brownback Last Saturday night’s Saddleback Civil Forum allowed viewers an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the personal values and core beliefs held by the two men vying to be the next commander-in-chief. With Reverend Rick Warren asking both John McCain and Barack Obama pointed questions on a wide-range of […]

FRC Highlights Joe Biden’s Family Voting Record

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Jennifer RileyChristian Post ReporterMon, Aug. 25 2008 09:11 AM EDTSen. Joseph Biden of Delaware in many ways is different than his Democratic running mate Sen. Barack Obama, but a conservative advocacy group shows that on key pro-family issue the two are very much on the same page. […]

Obama (Hearts) Communist China

Barack Obama praises the “vastly superior” communist China

Joe Biden is a Taxer

CNS News has some insights on the tax philosophy of Joe Biden, #1 most liberal Barack Obama’s running mate and the #3 most liberal senator. Biden voted against both of President George W. Bush’s major tax cuts, voting “no” on May 26, 2001 against Bush’s $1.35 trillion tax cut, and “no” on May 23, 2001 […]

Show Some Civility and Compassion to Senator Johnson

There was a brief but interesting letter to the editor in the Rapid City Journal yesterday: It’s time to show some civility and compassion for Johnson Challenging Sen. Johnson to a debate is comparable to challenging a quadriplegic to a foot race or challenging a blind person to a duel. Please, let’s show some civility […]

Wishing I Could Reverse Time

*Publisher’s note: this personal testimony is being reprinted in light of the upcoming vote in South Dakota on Initiated Measure 11 and the recent statement by the American Psychological Association that abortion does not threaten women’s mental health. By Kathy RutledgeKentucky State LeaderOperation Outcry On August 28, 1977, I came face to face with my […]

It’s Okay for Democrats to Vote for McCain

John McCain has a new ad featuring Debra, a “proud Hillary Clinton Democrat” who will for the first time be supporting a Republican. Who knows: McCain might be “moderate” enough to wean her off the liberal pap and on the road to truth. It’ll be a long journey, but you have to start somewhere.

Raging for Peace at the Democrat Convention

Some video of anti-war protesters at the Democrat Convention, courtesy of the American Spectator blog. And what a spectacle it is. I would think with that chick screaming on the bullhorn “What do you want?!”, even a peace protester would be moved to commit violence against her after about 5 minutes of that. Or the […]

Hollywood Conservatives take on Michael Moore

This should be a hilarious movie! “American Carol”

A Liberal’s Idea of Compassionate Health Care

Liberals promote socialized medicine as the answer to all our health care problems, and presidential candidate Barack Obama is certainly no exception. According to these worshippers of the government-god, we should entrust our health care system (and our lives and health with it) to the same people who have done such a great, efficient, compassionate […]

Undercover at the DNC Pro-Abortion Rally, Part 2

More from the pro-abortion protest at the Democrat Convention. Hot Air correspondent Jason Mattera goes undercover at a pro-abortion demonstration during the ’08 Democrat National Convention

How Liberal is Barack Obama?

How liberal is Barack Obama? Is he the 50th most liberal senator out of 100? Is he the 10th most liberal senator out of 100? According to the National Journal, try #1. And his vice, Joe Biden is #3. So if Americans elect Barack Obama in November, they will be electing the #1 most liberal […]

South Dakota voters have a tough decision to make to elect or reelect a senator

By Gordon Garnos AT ISSUE: First, let me explain. I’m not straddling the fence, but pointing out a difficult problem facing South Dakotans. The November General Election is a lot closer than a lot of South Dakota voters realize. One of the toughest jobs that lies ahead for us is to elect a United States […]

Undercover at the DNC Pro-Abortion Rally

I think this first guy is upset that there are some in the Democrat Party who don’t embrace infanticide as Barack Obama does. To him, anything less is a total sellout of pro-abortion principles. These are the kind of nutcases you’ll only see at protest events like this…and in the blogosphere. Hot Air correspondent Jason […]