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Not One Person Told Me

*Publisher’s note: this personal testimony is being reprinted in light of the upcoming vote in South Dakota on Initiated Measure 11 and the recent statement by the American Psychological Association that abortion does not threaten women’s mental health. By Yolanda AustinAlabama State LeaderOperation Outcry At the young age of 15 I found myself pregnant and […]

Sioux Falls School District Makes a Good Choice

Todd Epp at SD Watch and his friends at Planned Parenthood are upset that the Sioux Falls School District allowed the Alpha Center to buy an ad in the School Directory. Apparently the Planned Parenthood gang are for choice when that choice involves killing your baby…but not for the Alpha Center to choose to pay […]

Obama: Big Plans for YOUR Money

Obama Slammed for Justice Thomas Slam

A Barack Obama supporter is defending Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas — the only African American U.S. Supreme Court Justice — regarding the Illinois senator’s recent criticism of the judge. Obama told the audience at Saturday [8-16-08]’s faith forum in California that he would not have appointed Thomas, saying, “I don’t think he was a […]

Now Environmentalists Stop Border Control

Environmental extremism is standing in the way of more than just America’s energy needs. From CNS News: Interior officials have not accepted a proposed finding in an environmental assessment produced for the U.S. Border Patrol that putting towers with radar, cameras and communications equipment on Interior Department lands would have no significant impact, said Mike […]

U.S. Senate Candidate Dykstra Discusses Ag Issues at Dakotafest

From today’s mailbag: Mitchell, S.D. – Senate Candidate Joel Dykstra talked about agricultural policy at Dakotafest on Wednesday in a debate boycotted by Senator Tim Johnson. Dykstra used the debate to discuss important issues facing South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers, and also touched on what he believes are the real reasons why his opponent has […]

Children are Surviving Premature Deliveries at Younger Ages

Dakota Voice is reviewing the Report of the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion, in light of the upcoming November vote on Initiated Measure 11 to end most abortions in South Dakota. Pertinent sections of the report will be reviewed each week for the next several weeks which may shed light on Initiated Measure […]

Islamic Coke Cans

The Turkish division of Coca-Cola has just completed a design agreement for a new line of Coke cans that will mark the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. Digital Arts Online reports the cans will feature the Islamic symbol of the crescent moon and star. They will be distributed throughout parts of the Middle East, North Africa […]

Saddleback Forum Reveals More Than Just Candidate Answers

Like Star Parker, I was not a big fan of the Saddleback Civil Forum with Barack Obama and John McCain this weekend. But then, I’m not a big fan of Rick Warren, either. Having said that, the video below illustrates a number of interesting things from the forum. One is that it illustrates the “mainstream” […]

One of the Builders of Our Nation

American Minute from William J. Federer 300,000 miles on horseback, from the Atlantic to the Appalachians, from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, for 45 years, he spread the gospel. This was Francis Asbury, Methodist Circuit riding preacher who was born AUGUST 20, 1745. When the Revolution started, he refused to return to England: “I […]

Schools Have No Legal Standing to Sue

Pat Powers at the South Dakota War College points to last night’s Argus Leader article on the lunacy that is the school funding lawsuit. In this idiotic exercise which is wasting everyone’s time and the taxpayer’s money, you have government suing itself for more taxpayer money. The schools are suing the state of South Dakota […]

Offering No Other Options

*Publisher’s note: this personal testimony is being reprinted in light of the upcoming vote in South Dakota on Initiated Measure 11 and the recent statement by the American Psychological Association that abortion does not threaten women’s mental health. By Kelly RoyCampus Outcry Team LeaderOperation Outcry When I was twenty years old, I learned that I […]

Skateboarding Dog

This booger is a little pistol!

Dykstra Senate Campaign Target of Anthrax Hoax

From today’s mailbag: Sioux Falls, SD — US Senate Candidate Joel Dykstra’s campaign headquarters was the target of a threatening letter today. At approximately 10:30 AM, a letter containing a white powdery substance and a threatening message was received in the regular US Mail. The campaign office staff immediately evacuated the work area and called […]

McCain Abandons Pro-Abortion VP Fantasies

From Fox News, it seems the McCain campaign has narrowly averted yet another fatal blunder: Several sources at the RNC told FOX News that in the last 36 hours, senior McCain advisers and aides have told RNC officials that McCain “got the message” last week that choosing a running mate who supports abortion rights would […]

The Abortion Monkeys

Pastor Hickey’s latest in his series on “Is Abortion Wrong” is out at Voices Carry. For those who may remember the 2006 debate of Referred Law 6, you’ll recall that some reprobate religious groups such as Pastors for Immoral Choices claimed God left us in the dark on abortion, and some claimed that none of […]