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The Hypocrisy of Warning Others

l3wis at the liberal South DaCola features a cartoon caricature of Leslee Unruh, the head of the Sioux Falls Alpha Center and The cartoon Leslee is holding a copy of a “More” magazine which recently published a very lengthy hit piece on Leslee, and the cartoon is saying, “I want to criminalise a woman’s […]

Unhealthy Wind Farms

According to this piece from Newhouse News Service, wind power may not be the harmless source of power we had hoped it would be. The piece says “wind turbine syndrome,” a term coined by Dr. Nina Pierpont of Malone, NY, can result in all sorts of problems for people who live too near wind farms. […]

When Voting for a Candidate, How Important is the Issue of Abortion

This is the eighth in a series of responses to pro-abortion politicians. In this spot, Fr. Frank answers the argument that “there are many other issues than abortion.” Our response: The foundation of a house is only one of many parts of the house, but it is essential in order to build the other parts. […]

Crickets Chirp for National Pro-Abortion Campaign?

When I watched the video of the launch of the national pro-abortion campaign, I noticed something interesting about the press audience but forgot to write about it. Then I noticed that a commenter named Amy at Voices Carry had already identified it: for a big national campaign launch, not many reporters bothered to show up. […]

Pro-Abortionists Start National Spin Campaign

Pro-abortion forces recently lined up before the cameras to launch their national campaign to defeat the pro-life measure Initiated Measure 11 in South Dakota. This is a video from CSPAN of that recent press conference. While it contains a lot of pro-abortion posturing and apologetics, there are some interesting admissions…and omissions. Even as pro-abortion forces […]

Barack Obama Supports the Murder of Newborn Infants

Barack Obama is so pro-abortion, when he was an Illinois state senator, he fought against passage of a bill to protect the lives of babies that were born alive, despite attempts to abort them. In other words, someone tried to kill them in the womb, and failed, and the child still managed to survive, only […]

Rape, Abortion and Victims

Rape is a horrible crime on many different levels. It may just be the worst crime one person can commit against another, short of murder–and in some ways it might be considered worse than murder, since the victim has to live with the scars of the crime. A rape which results in a pregnancy can […]

Pro-Abortionists Reveal They’re Afraid They’ll Lose in 2008

The headline at KEVN is “National campaign against SD abortion ban.” The pro-abortionists must be pretty scared. They must realize that after they staked all their hopes in 2006 on “Darn it, it’s just too extreme without any exceptions,” they’re out hanging in the wind this year, since the latest pro-life measure contains the exceptions […]

Study: Media Tried to Cover Up, Not Cover, Rev. Wright Extremism

NewsMax reports that a study by the Media Research Center of the three major network news outlets found they covered up Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s extremist views. As you may recall, Rev. Wright is Barack Obama’s former pastor who made the anti-American, racist, hate-filled statements from the pulpit of Obama’s church, and preached from a basis […]

Poll: 67 Percent of South Dakotans Support Drilling

Harris Interactive recently conducted a poll of 500 registered and likely South Dakota voters on whether they support increased access to oil and natural gas. According to the poll, 67% supported greater access while only 17% opposed. The poll also found that 99% of South Dakotans were concerned about the price of gas, with 82% […]