Unlike the Ice, Global Warming Evidence is Melting

Ah, watch what little evidence anthropogenic global warming have slowly slip through their fingers like melting ice. Actually the opposite, in this case.

From the New York Times of all places comes word that Greenland isn’t about to become green again, after all. Seems it’s seasonal, cyclic, or some such non-apocalyptic thing.

One of the most vivid symbols of global warming used by scientists and campaigners to spur society to curb climate-warming emissions is photography of gushing rivers of meltwater plunging from the surface of Greenland’s ice sheet into the depths.

Yes, Al Gore and his disciples have been getting their galoshes ready for years. Maybe they need to put them back in the closet for now.

Now, though, a new Dutch study of 17 years of satellite measurements of ice movement in western Greenland concludes that the speedup of the ice is a transient summertime phenomenon, with the overall yearly movement of the grinding glaciers not changing, and actually dropping slightly in some places, when measured over longer time spans.

It’d be a sad thing to watch grown people get so lathered up about science-fiction…if it wasn’t so much fun to watch them get even more lathered up when, unlike the ice, what little evidence they have starts to melt.

HT to NewsBusters.

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