Study: Divorce Damages Children Despite Greater Social Acceptance points to yet another study proving what we’ve known all along but would really like to forget: divorce harms children.

The article examines a British study on the effects of divorce on children, even going so far as to compare the effects in the past when divorce was more socially frowned upon to more modern times where it’s more socially acceptable.

The finding: children are hurt just as bad now as they were 50 years ago.

Besides finding an increased divorce rate among couples, the study found that, contrary to the expectations of some, an increased social acceptance of divorce over the years has not reduced the negative effects experienced by the children of divorced parents.

So we essentially have the same amount of damage per child, just more divorce and thus more overall societal damage.

The study points out the negative effects on children running from trouble in their own relationships when they grow up, to more depression, academic problems, less education and diminished career prospects.

An additional factor not mentioned in this piece, but which is well documented is crime. Children from broken homes have less supervision (one parent simply can’t do the work of two) and the children are often hurt and angry, which can result in rebellion and acting out. This often brings them into conflict with the law, which leads to: increased property damage, theft, law enforcement expense, court costs, and incarceration costs.

Sometimes there is no alternative to divorce, in abuse or addictive behavior cases, or in cases of infidelity. But no-fault divorce (“I don’t love him/her anymore”) has wreaked untold havoc and suffering across the world.

We simply must pull back from this culture of irresponsibility and indulgence, or the suffering will continue getting worse with each generation.

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