Poll: Fuel Prices More Important Than Global Warming

Looks like all it took to wake many Americans up from the daydream of global warming hysteria was a $4.00 bucket of gasoline-flavored reality.

A poll from Investors Business Daily last week found 73% of Americans are more concerned about gas prices than Al Gore’s sci-fi thriller “Global Warming.”

Offshore drilling comes in strong, too:

Support for offshore drilling and oil shale development is also broad-based, with the former favored by 64% of respondents and the latter by 65%.

Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) comes in with a plurality supporting drilling, but not as strong as offshore drilling:

When asked in the IBD/TIPP Poll if they favor drilling in ANWR, 47% say yes and 43% no. Unlike the answers given for offshore drilling and shale-oil development, however, responses on ANWR are more mixed and seem to break along political lines.

Republicans favor ANWR development by 68% to 27%; Democrats oppose it 56% to 40%.

The environmental extremists have probably done a better job at selling the threat to those cute Bambi-like caribou in Alaska, pulling at the vulnerable heartstrings of ignorant Americans.

Hopefully that will change in the next few days as Chris Lien and others visit ANWR and show that not only is there no significant danger to the local flora and fauna (there’s precious little of it to be threatened in that area), the footprint left behind on the 19 million acre area is minuscule. Besides, caribou love existing drilling operations love the oil operations; they provide warmth and shelter from the cold Alaska winds.

Enough dawdling! It’s time to get serious about our nation’s energy supply. If liberal leadership in congress isn’t willing to do that, there are good people waiting in the wings to replace them in November.

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