America "No Longer a Christian Nation"

My friend and fellow contributor at Dakota Voice, Paul Scates, wrote me this morning asking if I had read anything about a statement that Barrack Obama allegedly made to the effect that we are no longer a Christian nation. This jogged my memory and after a brief search of the Internet I discovered several references to just such a statement, including the YouTube video here.

That America is a pluralistic nation is indisputable. Yes, Constitutionally we do not have a government-approved religion (unless we include secular humanism), but to say that we are not a country of laws and traditions based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs and principles is simply wrong. Unless we throw out our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, and virtually every other founding document, we will always be a Christian nation. Some of us believe that that is precisely the goal of many on the extreme Left.

More here and here.

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