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Senator Thune Votes Against Pork

In this day of tight energy resources and drilling obstruction from liberals in Washington, we need power from every source where it can be reasonably obtained. With the huge amount of wind that rips through the plains states, wind power could be a boon for South Dakota. The Argus Leader reports that despite Senator John […]

Traditions are More than One or Two Democrat Administrations

ABC is one of the many outlets reporting on Barack Obama’s egocentric, self-aggrandizing statement: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” Obama said, a witness told the Post. Excuse me, but Bill Clinton’s socialist leanings and Jimmy Carter’s all-around economic and international incompetence do not constitute “traditions.” […]

Democrats Want to Stop Successful Immigration Raids

The headline today from CNS News was “Democrats Want to Stop Immigration-Enforcement Raids.” The headline might as well have read “Democrats Want to Stop Enforcing the Law.” Immigration reform advocates, including Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee, are calling for an end to Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids at businesses that knowingly hire large numbers […]

Tim Johnson Controversy Indicates Democrat Lack of Confidence

It’s looking like Senator Tim Johnson’s campaign and his liberal friends in the “mainstream” media are going to milk his illness for all it’s worth. David Kranz’ latest hit piece on the Joel Dykstra campaign in the Argus Leader today takes aim at Dykstra’s website for a statement it makes: “South Dakota’s Voice for the […]

Freedom of Brotherly Love

American Minute from William J. Federer He was arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London eight months for being a Quaker, but later King Charles II gave him land in America as repayment of a large debt owed to his father. He invited persecuted Christians of Europe to join his colony of religious toleration. […]

Life Prizes: A Contest for the Soul of a Generation

GUEST COLUMN BY CATHY RUSEExecutive Director of Life Prizes Powerful forces in our culture fight for the attention of the next generation. Marketing firms spend billions trying to turn the heads of young consumers and keep their gaze. But the most profound contest for the soul of our youth is between those working to build […]

Rick Warren Opposes Candidate Endorsements

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Michelle A. VuChristian Post ReporterTue, Jul. 29 2008 06:44 PM EDT Popular megachurch pastor Rick Warren said he does not believe pastors should endorse political candidates in a recent interview held weeks ahead of his highly-anticipated leadership and compassion forum, which will feature presidential candidates John McCain […]

Movie on Billy Graham Coming in October

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Josh KimballChristian Post ReporterTue, Jul. 29 2008 04:53 PM EDT In only a few months, people across the nation will get the unique opportunity to peer into the life of evangelist Billy Graham before his rise to prominence as one of the most influential and admired religious […]

SD Shovel to Dig Up the Best of the SD Conservative Blogosphere

The SD Shovel is now officially up and running. The SD Shovel is a blog aggregation of some of the Right-of-center South Dakota blogs, and is one of the things to come out of the SamSphere South Dakota meeting in Sioux Falls last Saturday. The platform where the site his hosted has a good page […]

The Cambrian Explosion – Darwins Worst Nightmare

A clip detailing the baffling ‘Cambrian Explosion’ – the sudden appearance of nearly every known major group of animals. No gradualism. No transitions. A few Darwinists have tried to explain it, but they always deliver the epic fail with a dollop of weak sauce. Most Darwinists avoid it like the plague. From the documentary ‘Icons […]