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Al Gore Barks at the Moon

Time and other media outlets are reporting on the latest lunacy (note the pun in a moment) equating his fight against the fabled “global warming” apocalypse to the Apollo lunar landing pushed by President John F. Kennedy. Mr. Gore: you’re no John F. Kennedy. Gore wants to get the United States completely off electricity generated […]

House Republicans Follow Lien’s Lead to ANWR

As U.S. House candidate Chris Lien returns to South Dakota today after spending four days touring Alaska, the Anchorage Daily News reports Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) and other House Republicans are heading to the Artic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) this weekend. The ADN article also mentions Lien’s trip, and how several of the candidates who […]

Tell Us What You Really Think, Nancy quotes Madame Pelosi today saying about the President,“You know, God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States, a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject.” With success upon success in Iraq and the Democrats owning the problems […]

Gas-Guzzling Environmentalists

This video comes courtesy of Michelle Malkin and Americans for Prosperity. Just another example of that hypocritical “Good for thee, not for me” garbage we get all too much from environmental extremists, and liberals in general. Check out the bicycles and solar-powered cars the “environmentally conscious” arrived in. What?! You don’t see any?! Darn it, […]

Washington, Beneficiary of All-Powerful Dispensations

American Minute from William J. Federer Prior to the Revolution, British troops were marching toward Fort Duquesne when they were ambushed by the French and Indians. Not accustomed to fighting unless in an open field, the British soldiers were annihilated. 23-year-old Colonel George Washington rode back and forth during the battle delivering orders for General […]

Video: How Will My Same-Sex Marriage Hurt Your Marriage?

The first question addressed in “Ten Persuasive Answers to the Question ‘Why not gay marriage?’”

One Quarter Calif. Public High School Students Drop Out

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Eric YoungChristian Post ReporterThu, Jul. 17 2008 04:56 PM EDT LOS ANGELES – Nearly one in four public high school students in California dropped out in the 2006-07 school year, according to figures released Wednesday by the state Department of Education. According to the data, compiled by […]

Georgia County Shows Strong Support for ‘Personhood’ Amendment

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Eric YoungChristian Post ReporterThu, Jul. 17 2008 07:42 PM EDTGeorgia pro-lifers were encouraged Tuesday after residents of the state’s fastest growing county voted overwhelmingly in support of an amendment to the Georgia State Constitution that would grant the paramount right to life to “each human being from […]

Human Rights Group Urge Bush Support of N. Korean Refugees at Olympics

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Ethan ColeChristian Post ReporterThu, Jul. 17 2008 01:54 PM EDTA human rights group requested on Wednesday that President Bush wear a “Free North Koreans” wristband during the Beijing Olympics to show solidarity with North Korean refugees who are harshly treated by Chinese authorities. Suzanne Scholte, chairman of […]

Christian Relief Agencies Support India Flood Victims

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By John MalhotraChristian Today ReporterThu, Jul. 17 2008 03:40 PM EDT Floods in northeastern India have damaged over 50,000 homes and at least 350 people been reported dead. Church agencies and Christian NGO’s have meanwhile mobilized for the initiation of the gathering and distribution of relief supplies to […]

Obama Calls for National Police Force. MSM Disinterested.

The World Net Daily has a story about a remark made by presumed Democrat presidential nominee in Colorado Springs last week that has garnered little attention in the MSM, in part because the statement apparently was not included in the transcript of prepared remarks distributed to the media. ‘We cannot continue to rely on our […]

House Candidate Lien Sees Great Opportunity in ANWR

I was able to catch up by phone with Republican South Dakota candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Chris Lien tonight in Anchorage, Alaska. Lien has spent the last four days visiting Alaska with six other U.S. House candidates. Accompanied by Luke Puckett of Indiana, Mike Sodrel of Indiana, Greg Goode of Indiana, Jason […]

South Dakota to Enforce Abortion Informed Consent Saturday

The injunction against enforcement of South Dakota’s abortion informed consent law was lifted on June 27, and enforcement of the law is set to begin Saturday July 19, as reported by the Rapid City Journal and sent out a press release this afternoon in conjunction with a post on their blog, and the […]

Christian Counselor Fired for Religious Values

Unless we turn around this trend, the First Amendment freedoms of speech and religion are headed for the door in America. Liberals have for some time been pushing for the United States, the world leader in freedom, to be like other nations. We would therefore be wise to stay abreast of developments in other nations […]