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Calif. Homeschool Ban Case May Be Over

WorldNetDaily reports the case which threatened homeschooling in California earlier this year because parents supposedly weren’t “legally qualified” to teach their children has essentially been rendered moot. A judge has ended juvenile court jurisdiction over two children involved in the case, which basically ended the court’s authority over the matter. But it isn’t completely over. […]

Not a Cent for Tribute

American Minute from William J. Federer After George Washington retired from being President, he became Commander-in-Chief of the Army for a second time. It was 1798, the year before he died, that he received an urgent plea from President John Adams. France, in the midst of revolution, was demanding extortion payments not to harass American […]

Study: Lesbian Suicide Risk 50 Times Greater

In our “enlightened” age, we’d like to think we can do anything we want, not only without moral consequence but without health consequence as well. We may be able to escape moral condemnation and accountability for a short while, but they will eventually catch up to us…just as health consequences will. Even when there is […]