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Moonbat Rule Book Left Unsecure, Captured

I saw this Moonbat Rule Book posted at Free Republic today. According to the post, someone left it insecure at a Starbucks in Portland, Oregon where it was apparently captured by a Freeper Patrol. Like all classified information left insecure, heads are sure to roll over this: Rule 1.0 – If you don’t agree with […]

Men at the Cross Challenges Men to be a Man

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Lillian KwonChristian Post ReporterSat, Jul. 12 2008 12:19 PM EDT It’s a fatherless world. Thousands of men leave their wives, children and responsibilities and tack on to crime or pornography. But one ministry wants to bring the father back – and back to the cross. Men at […]

George Washington Carver: Scientific Insight from the Bible

American Minute from William J. Federer Born a slave around JULY 12, 1864, George Washington Carver became a scientist of international renown. On January 21, 1921, Carver addressed the United States House Ways and Means Committee on behalf of the United Peanut Growers Association on the use of peanuts to improve Southern economy. Initially given […]

Tolerance or Honor?

Dr. Richard Wells, Senior Pastor of South Canyon Baptist Church, has a piece in today’s Rapid City Journal on the recent decision of the California Supreme Court to legalize homosexual “marriage.” I talked to Pastor Wells around the time he wrote this piece, and I believe he sent this to the Journal about four weeks […]

Pro-Homosexual Group Announces South Dakota Legislative Candidate Endorsements

The pro-homosexual group “Equality South Dakota” has released a list of South Dakota legislative candidates they are endorsing, along with $15,000 they are contributing to the general election. I don’t see the announcement up on their website yet, but this announcement comes via the SD Watch blog of Todd Epp, who is a member of […]

John McCain’s First Weekly Radio Address

The following is the text of Presidential Candidate John McCain’s first weekly radio address, as prepared for delivery: (Click here for audio) Good morning. I’m John McCain, and this week I’ve been on the road in Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. I’ve been holding town hall meetings to talk over the subject on […]

Change we should worry about

BY STAR PARKERFOUNDER & PRESIDENTCOALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION Are we undergoing some kind of sea change of attitudes in America today? Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne reflects such sentiment — perhaps I should say wishful thinking — by those on the left that indeed we are. He says capitalism is having a “reality […]