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Chinese Drilling Off the Coast of United States

CNS News says the communist Chinese are doing what we aren’t smart enough to do here in America: drill for oil off the coast of the United States. The country which is ideologically and economically opposed to the United States; that captured one of our military planes a few years ago, held our troops, then […]

Immorality is on the Offensive

Judge Roy Moore’s column at WorldNetDaily today catalogs a list of recent encroachments of immorality which support the title of his piece: “Immorality on the offense.” Indeed it is. He cites: – the California Supreme Court decision finding a “right” for homosexuals to call their unions “marriage” – a lesbian couple suing two Christian doctors […]

Evangelical Leader Names Four Greatest Threats to Society

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Lillian KwonChristian Post ReporterWed, Jun. 11 2008 08:44 AM ET INDIANAPOLIS – Many people say evangelicals are stuck on one issue – whether it’s abortion or same-sex “marriage” – when speaking out to defend moral values. But to those defending, it’s not just a single issue. “Marriage […]

Doing Your Part

American Minute from William J. Federer He sent Paul Revere on his midnight ride to warn Lexington the British were coming. A Harvard graduate, he was a successful doctor in Boston, but left his career when the British passed the hated Stamp Act. With Samuel Adams, he organized the Provincial Congress to protest. His name […]

No Child Left Undrugged

By John W. Whitehead According to autopsy reports, 4-year-old Rebecca Riley died from an overdose of psychiatric drugs. At age 2, Rebecca was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At 3, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. By the time she died on Dec. 13, 2006, little Rebecca was […]

No Scripture Allowed in Public Library Meeting Room

The hostility toward religion (primarily Christianity) has gone way beyond ludicrous–especially in a country founded by Christians on Christian principles. From WorldNetDaily comes an article about a public library in Ohio where a meeting room was made available to “all community groups and non-profit organizations engaged in activities that further the Library’s mission to be […]

Senate Candidate Dykstra: Windfall Profits Tax Would Raise Gas Prices

From today’s mailbag: Sioux Falls, SD – Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Joel Dykstra today said that South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson is taking the wrong approach to protect American consumers and the American economy from rising energy costs. The Senate struck down legislation on Tuesday co-sponsored by Senator Johnson that would have imposed a windfall […]

Barna Study Indicates Obama Favored to Win Election

Reprinted by permission of The Christian Post By Jennifer RileyChristian Post ReporterTue, Jun. 10 2008 08:26 AM ET Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is in a very good position to win the November election against Republican rival John McCain, according to a survey released Monday. Many key factors point strongly in favor of Obama as […]