McCain to gather with possible VP Canidates

So this is my first post on this wonderful blog, so please don’t be too harsh on me.

Sen. McCain, and Republican Presidential hopeful will have a special meeting this weekend with 3 possible Vice-President hopefuls. Read it all here.

It looks as if the three front runners are Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal, and former Presidential hopeful Mitt Romeny.

McCain looks as if he is trying to beef up his “Liberal Republican” image with some of these choices. Rommey is an obvious pick, his attempt to woo conservative voters worked in many states, and if worst came to worst it would lock up the Mormon vote for McCain.

Crist is an interesting choice, he is a popular Gov, but really has not done anything nationally to speak of. I have only heard of him on very few occasions, and I usually have one eye on Drudge Report, and the other on Fox News. Crist would help McCain pick up Florida’s 25 delegates, but not much else.

Jindal is my personal favorite, and the dark horse. Bobby Jindal is a young, smart passionate true conservative from a very blue state. He won governor of a very corrupt and natural disaster ravaged state by promising true conservative values, and to clean up the government and the state in ever sense of the word. Jindal would be a campaign work horse, and would also help win young voters and minority votes. Both of which could come in handy if Mr. Hussein Obama gets the Democrat nod.

So with one under my belt, please tear me apart…

2 Responses to “McCain to gather with possible VP Canidates”

  1. Welcome to the fray, Sagax!

    Romney’s like a two-edged sword for McCain. A lot of conservatives like him, despite his recent “conversion” on pro-life and other issues…but there are more than a few Christians who are reticent to vote for him because he’s a Mormon. I don’t know if Romney would help or harm McCain with the constituency most on the outs with McCain: Christians.

    I don’t know a whole lot about Crist, either.

    I’ve heard a lot of good hype about Jindal…until yesterday when I read something on Free Republic that said Jindal’s actual record so far has been mixed, and a bit disappointing. I don’t think any of what I read was substantive enough to make a judgement call yet…especially since the Great One Rush Limbaugh still thinks highly of Jindal. Also, if Jindal is really as good as the hype, he may not want to damage his own image by marrying his name to a liberal Republican like McCain.

    Anyway, welcome to Dakota Voice, Sagax!

  2. Welcome, Sagax! I look forward to reading more posts from you. The subject of a running mate for McCain is an interesting dilemma. McCain has to do something to bring in the Reagan conservatives and Christian right and choosing a VP with those credentials seems a natural choice. However, as you’ve alluded, any true conservative that associates himself with a McCain administration runs the risk of political suicide if some of our worse fears come to pass. McCain is almost certain to be a one-term president if elected, so a VP would be in a great position to run for the top office, but only if McCain is successful in avoiding complete alienation of the conservative base. If I were offered the VP spot I’d have to think very long and hard about what my future would be post-McCain.