Dykstra Senate Campaign Funds Pass Quarter Million

From today’s mailbag:

For immediate release – May 20, 2008
CONTACT: Joel Dykstra
Phone: 605.764.2008
Email: [email protected]

Sioux Falls, SD – Another successful stretch of fundraising has pushed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joel Dykstra’s campaign contributions past the $250,000 mark heading into the June 3 Primary.

In his campaign finance report filed with the Federal Election Commission 20 days before the Primary, Dykstra reported fundraising receipts totaling $49,993 for the period since the previous report. This brings Primary funds to a total of $253,667 to date. An additional $10,300 has been received towards the General Election campaign.

Dykstra said he is extremely pleased with the pace of recent fundraising efforts, since the nearly $50,000 was raised in only about 45 days as the last reporting period ended March 31. “The figures tell the story. Our fundraising efforts are strong going into the Primary and I am confident we will see even more support after the nomination is decided and we move into summer,” he said.

The trend of campaign donations also continues to show that grassroots South Dakota voters from across the state are financially supporting Dykstra as their next U.S. Senator.

Dykstra’s campaign has scored a number of other successes over the last 45 days with the endorsements of an overwhelming majority of South Dakota Republican Legislators, and the opening of a new field office in Sioux Falls. Dykstra said, “We continue to be focused on our first goal which is winning the Primary. However, we’re also working towards other milestones in the last five months of the campaign before the November victory.”

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