Breaking News: SUVs Discovered on Jupiter

Well, not really.

But according to this post from NASA, climate change is occurring on Jupiter. The planet is getting warmer, so there must be SUVs, or power plants, or factories, or all of them somewhere on Jupiter…and they’re almost certainly man-made.

After all, since Al Gore says natural climate change is patently impossible here on Earth, there’s no way it could be happening naturally on Jupiter. Or Mars, since global warming was cited there, too, last year.

We evil humans! Exporting our environmental devastation to the rest of the solar system. We must be stopped!

5 Responses to “Breaking News: SUVs Discovered on Jupiter”

  1. Who ever said climate change does not occur naturally. Every scientist or anyone who listens to them will state climate change is very natural, how else would we have recovered from the ice age? What is happening is human interference has accelerated climate change…sped it up…faster then it should have…causing increased problems to global warming that Mother Nature works at pace on her own as all species evolve with her, but species can not evolve at a rate faster it instead goes extinct. When will people actually listen to the facts and look around it doesn’t take a scientist to understand…pollution=bad health for everything that breathes it, not just humans.

  2. How do we know that human activity is only accelerating climate change, and not solely responsible for it?

    After all, if man’s contribution to this hypothetical global warming is great enough that we can actually do something to reverse it, then the natural climate change must be pretty insignificant.

    I continue to marvel that liberals utterly reject the evidence of natural climate cycles that have been occurring for thousands of years, and utterly reject that the big star in the middle of our solar system could have anything to do with any warming.

    And as this story shows, those same liberals can ignore evidence of warming on other PLANETS (i.e. where no human beings live) and cling to the fantasy that while the sun and/or natural cycles is obviously causing warming on planets FARTHER AWAY from the sun, that the sun can’t possibly be the primary factor in any warming here on the third planet.

    The Bible said that in the last days God would send a strong delusion on some people; I guess I had no idea how strong that delusion could really be…