Al Gore’s Green Incentive

Al Gore and other global warming apostles like to throw around accusations that anyone who doesn’t buy their little man-made global warming fantasy are on the take from those evil oil companies (as if oil companies didn’t provide a valuable service, and making money were inherently evil).

Have you ever considered the possibility that Al Gore’s motives may not be as pure as the wind-driven snow, either? Maybe the “green” of the environment isn’t the only “green” motivating him.

Last year it came out that Gore salves his ecologically-bruised conscience by purchasing “carbon credits”…from his own company. In other words, he pays himself to look green.

These “carbon credit” and “cap and trade” and “carbon offset” organizations are about a scam in themselves: pretend a problem exists, then make money off people who are either scared of the problem you manufactured, or because of political pressure want to look like they take you seriously.

These are companies that create nothing useful and do nothing useful. They bear more than a passing resemblance to a pyramid or Ponzi scheme, to me.

Now CNS News reports on further financial incentives Gore has to keep his global warming fantasy going: so-called “green growth” companies that will capitalize on the sci-fi thriller Gore has been promoting.

Gore’s admitted stake in those companies comes from his partnership in the venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB). Gore joined the firm last November, forging a partnership between KPCB and the London-based Generation Investment Management, a firm Gore chairs, and which steers investments in green and “sustainable” companies.

This month, KPCB announced it has invested $500 million into start-up “green growth” companies, and another $700 million into more established greentech, information technology and life science ventures.

And Gore needs YOU, the American voter, to help him stay profitable. He needs you to believe his fantasy so you can lobby your elected representatives to give more of your taxpayer dollars to him.

But without government action on climate change, some business analysts say green companies backed by KPCB are either unlikely to be profitable or that their growth will be slow.

No one–not even evil capitalist businessmen–want to live in a dirty, polluted world. But at the same time, we cannot cripple American business and the American economy with environmental mandates that are not only overly-restrictive, but are unnecessary–based on science fiction.

You can’t have something for nothing. You can’t live in our modern world with our modern comforts and conveniences, and still have an ecology as pristine as the day Adam and Eve walked out of the Garden.

But we’re doing pretty good here in the United States–better than a lot of places around the world, including Europe.

We should instead be concerned with meeting our growing energy needs. If we don’t, our economy will no longer have money to invest in cleaner technologies, and we’ll go back to producing filth like the poor, developing countries.

Let’s not kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

8 Responses to “Al Gore’s Green Incentive”

  1. You state, quote: “…anyone who doesn’t buy their little man-made global warming fantasy”. WOW, so do you still not buy the whole earth-is-actually-round-not-flat fantasy, either? You flat-earthers never cease to stun me with your stubborn need to cling to denial on global climate change. What is so threatening to you about us as a species needing to change our behaviors to behaviors that respect the earth? Anyway, here’s a bulletin: global climate change is real, it is a result of human actions, and you need to wake up to that before it is too late.

  2. Can’t we meet our growing energy needs with clean solutions? Clean energy is an opportunity for all Americans to improve our Earth, secure our economy by reducing the need for imported oil, and lead the world’s energy industry. If we don’t start making clean and renewable energy changes, then China’s growth will dictate our future.

  3. Edna yiour arrogant assertions do not make it so. As a British newspaper wrote, climate change is a “global fraud” based on “left-wing, anti-American, anti-west ideology,” and, I might add, anti-capitalism. Yet, it it the capitalist countries that have done the best job of reducing polution and keeping the environment clean for our children and grandchildren.

    The hysterical claims of Al Gore, et al, do not science make, but it does make loads of money for the environmental extortionists.

    The solution to our current energy crisis is to drill. We need to begin exploiting resources that are now available including oil reserves that may exceed those of Saudi Arabia and nuclear energy. Research toward cleaner and more efficient forms of energy could then proceed with the revenue accrued and without the pressure of environmental extremists screaming for wind turbines on every hill top and solar panels in every open field, while also calling for Americans to revert to primitive lifestyles.

  4. Dr. Theo, your comment is so full of ignorant misstatements that, for once in my life, I actually don’t even know where to begin to respond. Usually, I am up for a good debate/discussion/argument, but I find that with most global-warming deniers, there is no point because most of you are so wedded to your beliefs that you will deny the evidence, no matter how overwhelming it is (and it is). I will therefore just repeat again: what is so all-fired threatening about the idea that we need to start treating our earth more respectfully?

  5. Well, Bob, we haven’t been very good stewards so far.

  6. Edna, here’s a bulletin for you: man-made global warming is a myth, made up, hoax, fake, false, fantasy, sci-fi.

    There. Is. No. Proof.

    Science doesn’t support the contention.

    The data Gore’s fantasy is based on has undergone several corrections, a big one last year, that undermined his whole contention.

    Further, the instruments used for gathering data are unreliable; some started collecting data in rural areas that are now urban, and one station I saw a picture of was sitting next to a hot air conditioner vent outside a building.

    Liberals intent on blaming Western civilization and capitalism ignore this huge star in the middle of our solar system (otherwise known as “The Sun”) as having anything to do with any warming which might be occurring.

    Did you know that temperatures are also supposedly rising on Mars and other planets? Last time I checked, there were no SUVs or coal-fired plants on Mars. (Maybe there’s some secret government terraforming project up there that’s causing the warming–that’ make a great new plot twist to Gore’s thriller!)

    Did you know that there have been periods in the past when the temperature was not only higher, but there was more CO2 in the atmosphere? Greenland (now covered in ice) used to be warm enough to support vineyards.

    Most Western nations already treat God’s creation with the respect it deserves. But God made us stewards of His creation, not servants to it, and not to worship it.

  7. Edna, you asked “what is so all-fired threatening about the idea that we need to start treating our earth more respectfully?”

    None whatsoever! But, I think your idea of “respectfully” and mine are much different. I do not think we should enact measures that would hurt Americans specifically, while allowing other nations, like India and China, to pollute with impunity because of some half-baked notions of “global warming.” I think we should use resources responsibly, as we have, and work toward further energy development for the long haul.

    You know, environmentalists insisted that we be more “respectful” to nature in 1972 when they forced a worldwide ban on the use of DDT. Since then sixty million people have died needlessly of malaria and hundreds of millions more have suffered from this debilitating disease. The majority of those affected are children. Of the 300 to 500 million new cases of malaria each year, 200 to 300 million are children, and malaria now kills one child every 30 seconds. Ninety percent of the reported cases of malaria are in Africa, and 40 percent of the world’s population, inhabitants of tropical countries, are threatened by the increasing incidence of malaria. (from WHO stats.) Yet, getting this ban lifted has been nigh impossible, because the people who respect the earth don’t much care about the death of humans, especially when they are black and poor.

  8. Dr. Theo, I am not posting this to argue mans contribution to Global Warming since this has already been debated for so long now and will continue to be debated until we all pass away or else become too old to care. But the use of DDT to make your point.

    You seem to be lacking a full understanding on the subject or else you simply chose to leave out a great deal in order to try and blame the deaths of hundreds of millions on environmentalists because of certain bans on DDT. I simply wish to add some of what you seem to have left out.

    DDT is not completely banned and can be used in certain vector control areas for the reduction of malaria. The curtailment of spraying programs was not because of a ban but due mainly to the developement of the mosquitoes resistance to it and it’s limited effectiveness in tropical areas.

    All the gains made under the WHO’s eradication program which began in 1955 were guickly reversed either partially or completely and in some areas there were even increases in the spread of the disease.

    The drive for eradication was abandoned and shifted to control and treatment in 1969 or three years before the ban.