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Michelle Obama Helps Expose Husbands Radical Liberalism

Politicians, especially during campaign season, always try to put on their best face, so it can be difficult to ascertain where a candidate really stands and what they really believe. Barack Obama talks a lot about “hope” and “change,” but he’s come up a little short in the “tangible idea” department. Michelle Obama is very […]

Tennesse Farmer Says Mules Are Cheaper

Breitbart News Service has the story. The sight of mules and horses working the grain fields was not all that rare in my youth in central Illinois. Perhaps we’ll see a return to a simpler, albeit slower, life on the farm if gas prices don’t start coming down soon. No comment as yet from the […]

Big Oil Profits Not to Blame

The Ludwig von Mises Institute, a research and educational center of classical liberalism following the intellectual tradition of Ludwig von Mises, has a report on the economics of retail gasoline prices and the findings might surprise many who get their information mainly from CNN, the NYT and CBS. My wife told me this morning that […]

McCain to gather with possible VP Canidates

So this is my first post on this wonderful blog, so please don’t be too harsh on me. Sen. McCain, and Republican Presidential hopeful will have a special meeting this weekend with 3 possible Vice-President hopefuls. Read it all here. It looks as if the three front runners are Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, Louisiana Gov […]