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Obama Can’t Be Trusted as Commander-in-Chief

I’m no John McCain fan, but Barack Obama would be downright dangerous at the helm of the United States. Don’t believe me? From WorldNetDaily: “Iran, Cuba, Venezuela? These countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don’t pose any serious threat to us,” he told a crowd at a campaign stop over the weekend […]

IRS Clears Pastor After Huckabee Endorsement

OneNewsNow reports that a California pastor has been cleared by the IRS after endorsing Mike Huckabee last year. Since the endorsement came in the form of a letter from the pastor (and not directly from the pulpit) and on his radio show, the IRS ruled that it was a “personal endorsement.” “We’re going to keep […]

What is an Appeaser, and is Obama One?

President Bush’s statement last week before the Israeli Knesset warning of the dangers of appeasement highlighted the foreign policy naivete of Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama…without even mentioning him. Though Obama has already said that as president he would “sit down” and apparently have tea with the world’s largest backer of terrorism (Iran, in case […]

31,000 Who Have Not Bowed the Knee to Global Warming

The Oregon Petition is getting some fresh press…not that it ever got much to begin with. It is covered in Saturday’s National Post from Canada, and Michelle Malkin calls attention to the National Press Club release of these names today.  In case you haven’t heard about it, the Oregon Petition was started by the Oregon […]

When Government Launders Money

Today’s Wall Street Journal features an editorial on “Medicaid Money Laundering.” Did you know your government was using Medicaid to launder money? The swindle works like this: A state overpays state-run health-care providers, such as county hospitals or nursing homes, for Medicaid benefits far in excess of its typical rates. Then the federal government reimburses […]

Paving the Way for the United States

American Minute from William J. Federer The invincible Spanish Armada set sail MAY 19, 1588, to conquer England. Queen Elizabeth relied on Sir Francis Drake and his smaller, faster vessels. Drake ingeniously floated burning ships at night into the anchored Spanish fleet, dispersing them in a panic. Aided by gale force winds half of Spain’s […]

People are hearing the wrong stories about one of South Dakota’s great industries

By Gordon Garnos AT ISSUE: During this oil price crisis, one of South Dakota’s leading industries, ethanol production, has somehow become its opponents’ whipping boy. In just the past couple of months oil prices have shot to the moon and food prices have already left the launching pad. Through a major propaganda project, somehow, ethanol […]