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This Day in History: John Jay, First US Chief Justice

American Minute from William J. Federer The first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was the president of the American Bible Society. Who was he? John Jay, who died MAY 17, 1829. A member of the Continental Congress, even serving as its president, John Jay signed the Treaty of Paris with Franklin and Adams, […]

Diversity on the National Day of Ice Cream

Pastor Fred MacDonald of Westside Baptist Church in Rapid City has an excellent Forum piece in the Rapid City Journal today. It is in response to all the whining done by the Rapid City Journal editorial board and a number of other groups around the country on the National Day of Prayer this year. Some […]

As our colleges go, so go our courts

BY STAR PARKERFOUNDER & PRESIDENTCOALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION California’s Supreme Court has made its contribution to the ongoing debasement of our law, our language, and our culture by legalizing same-sex marriage. California now has law in the tradition of Groucho Marx who said “Who are you going to believe, me or your own […]

Society and the State Have a Compelling Interest in Preserving Marriage

I received a thoughtful comment today in response to my post yesterday about the decision of the California Supreme Court to redefine marriage. This one was actually thought-out and contained a fair amount of logic, even if the author’s logic was based on some flawed assumptions. A substantive reply required more space than seemed appropriate […]

Are You Proud of Your Country?

A great video from the Tennessee GOP, featuring several people who are very proud of their country. Unlike Barack Obama’s wife Michelle, they have been proud of their country many times, for a long, long time…and they tell you why. The Tennessee Republican Party welcomes Michelle Obama to Nashville