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Republican Suicide Pact Growing in Strength, Number

I said earlier today that the Republican Party seems to have formulated a “suicide pact” among the leadership. And their ain’t no end in sight… From the Weekly Standard blog today comes a link to a memo circulated to the Republican leadership by Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia. Instead of learning the lessons of 2006 […]

Hillary to Run as an Independent?

Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports that if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win the Democrat nomination (which she won’t, at least not above-board), 29% of Democrats say she should run as an Independent for the White House. Well, that would sure keep the fun rolling until November in this campaign. Knowing the monumental ego of the Clintons, it […]

Mark Earley: Narnia Film Reflects Current Worldview Conflict

The Christian Post has an insightful piece on the new Chronicles of Narnia installment “Prince Caspian.” Since the Naria novels were written by Christian apologist C.S. Lewis, it should be no surprise that shadows of Christian theology would be present. But as the article points out, there are more than just shadows of similarity with […]

Terry Batchelder Running for South Dakota Dist. 35 House of Representatives

From the mailbag, Terry Batchelder is a Republican running for South Dakota District 35 House of Representatives. There are two seats available in the general election and three Republicans running in the primary: Batchelder, Don Kopp and a current Dist. 35 Rep. Mark Kirkeby.

Republican Leaderhip in Rush to Suicide

Have you ever had a friend or loved one who seemed determined to destroy themselves? I think almost all of us have known someone like this at one time or another, so most of you will know what I’m talking about. Maybe they were the kind that drinks too much…and drinks to soothe the guilt […]

Al Gore’s Green Incentive

Al Gore and other global warming apostles like to throw around accusations that anyone who doesn’t buy their little man-made global warming fantasy are on the take from those evil oil companies (as if oil companies didn’t provide a valuable service, and making money were inherently evil). Have you ever considered the possibility that Al […]

Gov. Rounds May Disappoint Women’s Groups, but Abstinence Always Works

According to the Rapid City Journal, a far-Left liberal group called Democracy in Action, along with several other liberal groups, are upset that Governor Mike Rounds wouldn’t play along in their efforts to undermine a pro-life measure headed for the ballot in South Dakota in November. Cynthia Hilton, chairwoman of the Democracy in Action women’s […]