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Censoring the Mail for Hate Crimes?

For those who don’t believe hate crime laws in the United States are going to have a devastating effect on the First Amendment, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. I’ve been cataloging incidents in Canada and England where hate crime legislation is being used to silence speech, quash religious freedom, and prosecute […]

Face the Truth Tour in South Dakota

The Face the Truth Tour with Joe and Eric Scheidler will be in Sioux Falls tonight and in Rapid City tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow night at Dakota Middle School at 7:00 pm, Joe and Eric will speak on “The True Face of Abortion” and “The True Face of Patriotism”. The Scheidlers are from the Pro-Life […]

Video: Narnia Sequel Prince Caspian Hits Theaters

Video: Rasmussen Not Polling Clinton Anymore

Today in History: First Permanent English Settlement

American Minute from William J. Federer The first permanent English settlement in the New World began at Jamestown, Virginia, MAY 13, 1607. Plagued by hunger, malaria, exposure and Indian attacks, many of the 100 settlers sent out by the London Company died, including their minister Robert Hunt, of whom they wrote: “1607. To the glory […]

NewsBusted Conservative Comedy 5/13/2008

Topics include–Hillary Clinton vs. delegate math–How Dan Rather could work for NewsBusted–Jenna Bush’s wedding and the NYT–Fox Newser fired for cheering McCain–Jeremiah Wright and Israel’s 60th birthday–Al Sharpton & the tax man–Whoopi Goldberg hosts the Tony Awards

South Dakota College Disinvites Pro-Abortion Legislator

LifeSiteNews and others are reporting that Presentation College in Aberdeen had invited South Dakota District 5 Senator Nancy Turbak Berry to give the commencement address, but rescinded her invitation at the last minute. However, Bishop Paul Swain of the Sioux Falls Catholic Diocese wound up delivering the remarks to the graduating class of 171 students […]

For the Bible Tells Me So: The Real Story, Part 2

BY BOB ELLIS DAKOTA VOICE This is the second installment in a 8-part series examining the DVD “For the Bible Tells Me So.” Introduction – Why the DVD Deserves a Closer Look Part 1 – Building Sympathy Without Exegisis Nineteen minutes into the DVD “For the Bible Tells Me So” (FTBTMS), when “what the Bible […]

Don Kopp Running for South Dakota Dist. 35 House of Representatives

More from the mailbag. Don Kopp is a Republican running for District 35 South Dakota House of Representatives. There are two representative seats and three Republicans running, so Republicans will have to choose in the June 3 primary between Kopp, Terry Batchelder, and incumbent Mark Kirkeby. Here is Don’s letter: As a fellow Republican voter, […]