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It Pays to Make and Maintain Traditional Families

Dr. Theo mentioned this report a few weeks ago, but notice of it continues to ripple across the news-scape. Now the Baptist Press joins the numerous news outlets mentioning the study released mid-April which was sponsored by the Institute for American Values, the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, the Georgia Family Council and Families […]

No Habla John McCain

From WorldNetDaily, Republican presidential candidate John McCain has launched a Spanish (I thought our language was English in the United States?) campaign website. Also, Sen. John McCain, the de facto Republican presidential nominee, announced today he will attend the national convention of La Raza, a radical Hispanic lobby tied to the movement to reconquer the […]

Our Rendezvous With Destiny is Upon Us

Great words then, great words now.

NewsBusted Conservative Comedy 5/6/2008

Topics include: –immigration crackdown causing immigrants to return south of the border–LSD discoverer has died–voter fraud case–Oprah’s MSNBC-war diving ratings

Obama and the Domestic Terrorist

The relationship between 60s radical Bill Ayers and B. Hussein Obama remains a hot button issue among bloggers, both Right and Left, but has warranted only scant attention by the MSM. Michelle Malkin resurrects a Chicago Magazine article from 2001 that has photos of Professor Ayers dancing on an American flag crumpled on the ground, […]

For the Bible Tells Me So: The Real Story, Part 1

BY BOB ELLIS DAKOTA VOICE The following is the first installment in a 8-part series examining the DVD “For the Bible Tells Me So.” Introduction – Why the DVD Deserves a Closer Look The public debate over homosexuality has been raging for some time now, with disagreement which sometimes stems from the basis of health […]

For the Bible Tells Me So

There’s a new so-called documentary DVD out this year called “For the Bible Tells Me So.” It was shown by a local homosexual advocacy group in Rapid City last month, and it was fairly well attended. It was also shown in Sioux Falls last month, and the DVD continues to be played for small groups […]