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The Corruption of a Culture

I haven’t completely made my mind up whether I’m going to get behind John McCain or whether I may support a third party candidate. If you asked me, my answer would probably vary from day to day, depending on how fresh McCain’s flaws were in my mind, or how fresh the profound unfitness of either […]

Support for Elk Point Refinery High in South Dakota

The Argus Leader today features a poll from the Dakota Wesleyan University McGovern Center for Leadership and Public Service which found that 66 percent of South Dakotans support the TransCanada Pipeline and 69 percent support the proposed Hyperion refinery near Elk Point, South Dakota. It’s vital we increase our refining capacity. We haven’t built a […]

Curbing the Budget Madness

Will Marshall of the Progressive Policy Institute examines the coming entitlement implosion in the Wall Street Journal today. With federal deficits high and 77 million baby boomers hitting retirement this year, things are about to get ugly for government, for taxpayers, for everyone. While bureaucrats might think manufacturing money out of thin air is perfectly […]

NewsBusted 5/2/2008

Topics in today’s show: –The government admits failure with its “virtual” border fence–duh –Jimmy Carter negotiates with the terrorist group Hamas –Over 10,000 pot smokers gather to celebrate their weed in Colorado –Bomb-sniffing cats? –No sequel for “An Inconvenient Truth” –Miley Cyrus to write an autobiography NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of […]

Winter Storm Hitting the Black Hills Hard

Ah, the beauty of a warm spring morning in May! Somewhere in the world, at least. The image below is what greeted me when I looked out my back deck this morning. I had to go to the back deck to find a window I could see out of; all the rest were plastered with […]

Video: Hillary Clinton Bill O’Reilly Interview DAY.2 Pt.2

Video: Hillary Clinton Bill O’Reilly Interview DAY.2 Pt.1