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Why Oil is So High

This is a couple of weeks old, but still illustrative of the reasons behind the high cost of oil today. Josh Landis and Mitch Butler of the “Fast Draw” team take a close look at what determines the price of oil and the impact price fluctuations have on the overall U.S. economy. (

Dykstra Senate Campaign Opens Sioux Falls Office

From today’s mail bag: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 1, 2008 For information contact: Joel Dykstra: 605.764.2008 Sioux Falls, S.D. – The Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce held the official ribbon cutting Thursday, May 1 for the newest Joel Dykstra for U.S. Senate field office in Sioux Falls. Joining U.S. Republican Senate Candidate Joel Dykstra […]

Moral Values Cost $23,000

How much is it worth to you to keep your moral values? Is it worth $23,000? When Christians express concerns that “hate crime” laws will quash freedom, many in our culture don’t think anything like this can happen. They believe the stated intent of “hate crime” laws: to protect from discrimination. Ignoring for a moment […]

Abstinence and the Power of Human Sexuality

As congressional hearings on the effectiveness of abstinence education began a couple of weeks ago, we have been treated to a new round of pronouncements from abortion and sexual license advocates that “abstinence education doesn’t work.” The “mainstream” media is, of course, ready as usual to put a microphone or pen in front of “objective” […]

Remarks by President Bush on National Day of Prayer

WASHINGTON, May 1 /Standard Newswire/ — The following text is of remarks by President Bush on the National Day of Prayer: East Room10:12 A.M. THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Welcome to the White House. And I am honored to join you for the National Day of Prayer. I’m sorry Laura is not here — she’s out […]

Video: Hillary Clinton Bill O’Reilly Interview Pt.2

Video: Hillary Clinton Bill O’Reilly Interview Pt.1

Iran Tops Terrorist Sponsorship List

The latest report on state sponsorship of terrorism is out, according to NewsMax. “Country Reports on Terrorism,” published annually by the State Department, lists Iran as the “most active state sponsor of terrorism.” This is the same country working on creating a nuclear program. From the report: Iran remained the most active state sponsor of […]

Ellsworth Airman Killed in Afghanistan

The Rapid City Journal and other news agencies are reporting the death of an Ellsworth Air Force Base airman, Senior Airman Jonathan Yelner, in Afghanistan. Senior Airman Jonathan Yelner, 24, of Lafayette, Calif., was assigned to the 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Ellsworth as a weapons loader and was serving with the 755th Air Expeditionary […]

National Day of Prayer Proclamation by President Bush

National Day of Prayer, 2008 A Proclamation by the President of the United States ofAmerica America trusts in the abiding power of prayer and asks for the wisdom to discern God’s will in times of joy and of trial. As we observe this National Day of Prayer, we recognize our dependence on the Almighty, we […]

Testimony of a Former Abortion Clinic Owner

LifeSiteNews features the testimony of Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic owner who now works to stop abortion and help men and women who have been hurt by abortion. At a recent luncheon hosted by United Methodist pro-life ministry Lifewatch, Everett provided a glimpse inside the abortion industry: In order to sell as many abortions […]