Terrorist Surveillance: ‘We’re Waiting…’

Democrats waste no time spending the taxpayer’s money on pork projects and things that people should be doing for themselves, but national security…

One Response to “Terrorist Surveillance: ‘We’re Waiting…’”

  1. This election cycle seems to be going toward the Democrats (largely because of the efforts of the MSM), and I believe that should Obama or Hillary be elected to the presidency the jihadists will put the Dems resolve to the test quickly. Should that happen and especially should it occur on US soil we’ll see Americans DEMAND defensive measures that will make things like the Patriot Act and FISA look like child’s play. We could see wholesale deportation of students and visitors from countries like Saudia Arabia and Yemen. We could see the suspension of habeas corpus for US citizens and aliens alike, preemptive strikes against suspect cells within and without the US, seizure of property of suspected terrorists, and so on. And maybe that is what it is going to take for America to awaken to the threat that is becomes more powerful as we doodle away our time on trivial matters.