Prominent Black Minister Refutes Racist Statements of Rev. Jeremiah Wright

CHESAPEAKE, Virg., March 20 /Christian Newswire/ — Black minister and graduate of Harvard Law School, Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., has begun a campaign to make clear that Jeremiah Wright does not represent black preachers or what is being taught in black churches across America.

Says Bishop Jackson, “This kind of virulent Anti-American bigotry is anathema to the black church experience where we focus on love, forgiveness, personal responsibility and a healthy dose of patriotism and prayer for our country.”

Bishop Jackson also objects to the Anti-Israel bias which Jeremiah Wright expresses. “We include prayer and support for the nation of Israel in our mission statement,” says Bishop Jackson. “It is a Biblical mandate for any Bible believing Christian.” Jackson spoke to his congregation and indicated that Obama cannot credibly claim that he did not know or agree with Wright’s remarks or separate himself from a mentor or spiritual guide who admires and honors Louis Farrakhan. “I believe we are finally learning about the real Barak Obama, and it is sad. We cannot help but wonder if this is the influence which caused Obama to decline to wear the American flag on his lapel,” said the Bishop.

According to Bishop Jackson, a pastor and spiritual leader of several congregations for the last 25 years who also studied at Harvard Divinity School, Rev. Wright represents a radical liberation theology which in many ways is heretical. “That is not classic, Biblical Christianity”, says Bishop Jackson. “It is quite something else, and easier to understand when seen as an aberration from Christian teaching. I am speaking everywhere I can to get that message out.”

Bishop Jackson was formerly a high level official in the Christian Coalition and was instrumental in raising funds for churches victimized by arson in the late 1990’s. He left the Coalition to start a church in Chesapeake, Virginia and continue his work independently. His Church does not endorse candidates or parties. “My job”, says Bishop Jackson, “is to help Christians view life – which includes politics and public policy – from a Biblical worldview and to discern the truth. They can draw their own conclusions about how to vote.”

3 Responses to “Prominent Black Minister Refutes Racist Statements of Rev. Jeremiah Wright”

  1. When this story first broke I thought it was an aberration and that in short order other black ministers would come out and condemn the hateful speech of Jeremiah Wright. To my great surprise and disappointment when they did come out it was to defend Wright!

    I am delighted that Rev. Jackson has taken the opportunity to put on the record that Wright does not speak for all black churches. My guess is that he doesn’t even speak for the majority of them, but ministers are not speaking out because they don’t want to be involved in this imbroglio.

  2. Please do not be fooled by this Bishop E.W. Jackson. You think Jeremiah Wright’s message angered you then you should hear some of the rhetoric that Bishop Jackson spews from his mouth.

    His current agenda of standing against Pastor Wright is just an attempt to be heard and gain attention. Bishop Jackson is a fraud – beware!

  3. Rather than simply state your opinion as fact, could you please provide evidence to support your statements? Thank you in advance.