Misfit to Return Medals to Rumsfeld

Iraq vet plans to return his medals in protest

Wow! A pot smoking, dishonorably discharged REMF who never went outside the wire is returning medals he received basically for showing up. And now some hairy hippie commie chick from Code Pink has probably promised him a good time if he takes a “stand against the war.” These medals are well-deserved by those who served faithfully and honorably, but this wimp never deserved them in the first place. I have no respect for anyone discharged dishonorably. They let their country down, they let their comrades down and they let themselves down. I am gratified knowing that this will follow him all his life, the spineless ingrate.

Jeff Emanuel, a combat veteran and journalist, writes more about this story on Human Events:

Given this information [facts about his service and discharge], Mr. Gaines appears much more like the Left’s newest Scott Thomas Beauchamp than as a serious objector who is making ‘a rare and powerful protest.’ Once again, in their quest to find soldiers whom they can use both to delegitimize the war and to demonize the American soldier, the anti-war Left has grabbed a what amounts to a total loser, and is flaunting him not only as the rule (rather than the exception) among his peers, but as an example to be followed by other servicemen.”

One Response to “Misfit to Return Medals to Rumsfeld”

  1. The Left has little other than losers to grab onto for despicable acts like this.

    Most honorable warriors would have nothing to do with such anti-American stunts.

    When I was in the military, I received a few medals I didn’t feel like I deserved (didn’t feel like I’d done anything exceptional to warrant them–just did my job)…but I accepted them out of respect for the corps of honorable men and women I worked with, and out of respect for what we were working together for.

    What a sad shame people like this guy don’t have the faintest idea of what that is like.