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Ellsworth B-1 Incident in Guam

From Pacific News Center comes word of an accident involving one of the B-1 bombers from Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, South Dakota.

No injuries involved, fortunately. It seems the crew had just exited the aircraft when it rolled into some support vehicles. (Guess they forgot to put it in “Park”) 🙂

From the PNC article:

Air Force officials are investigating the collision of a B-1 Bomber with emergency vehicles on the taxiway up at Andersen Air Force Base. Air Force Spokesman Capt. Joel Stark confirms that the B-1 Bomber was in transit from Singapore to Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota and had landed at AAFB for an inflight emergency. Capt. Stark couldn’t disclose what the emergency was but did say the B-1 Bomber apparently had rolled while on the taxiway and collided into the vehicles just after 12 p.m. Friday.

Having spent 10 years in the Air Force with a fair amount of that time spent on the flightline, I can tell you that somebody just watched their career plans crash when this happened. But thank God no one was hurt.

The article points out that this is the third accident at or near Guam in a short time. A B-2 stealth bomber recently crashed, and a Navy EA-6B prowler from the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk recently crashed in the ocean near Guam.

Our armed forces are very stringent about safety, but accidents are going to happen as our weapons systems age…and as our troops are pushed hard fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan while guarding the rest of the world.

We need more spending on defense for new weapons systems and more troops, instead of spending our taxpayer dollars on things that the Constitution doesn’t even authorize in the first place.

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