How much manuscript evidence do we have that Plato really existed?

How do we know Plato wrote or said what we have been told he wrote or said?
What if many Greek authors in a secret conspiracy to fool the world into thinking one Greek could be so smart wrote and revised and blended the thinking of 100 of the finest Greek minds over 1000 years?

Plato was said to exist and write about 400 years B.C. The earliest copies of his alleged writings that anyone knows of anywhere in the world are dated to 900 A.D.

THE GAP BETWEEN PLATO AND THE EVIDENCE OF HIS LIFE AND WORDS IS 1,300YEARS. Think of the malicious, pernicious lies about the great founders of America’s Republic and we have many thousands of EXTANT original works of the 300+ most important and influencial great people that really gave the world a REPUBLIC.

Guess how many copies we have of Plato’s alleged works…thousands?…no,…hundreds?..no,
50?..no, surley we must have 20 for considering the enourmous time gap we are going to need many copies to authenticate Plato….NO! Only 7 copies exist and the earliest is 1,300 years removed from Plato.

I think it is likely that Plato existed and may have written some of the things attributed to him; but I know with greater certainty that JESUS CHRIST lived, spoke the Sermon on the Mount,The Lords Prayer, healed many, fed thousands, was crucified until dead, buried in a rich man’s tomb…AND ROSE AGAIN THAT WE MAY BE SAVED FROM THE ETERNAL PENALTY OF SIN AND LIVE AND REIGN WITH HIM FOREVER.

The misguided, anti-Christ intellectuals make fun of Fundamentalists like me who hold to the (myth) that Christ ever existed…or said anything…let alone walked on water, raised the dead, turned water into wine, purged the Temple; and after he rose into heaven to prepare a place for those who believe in him, sent us The Holy Spirit who conforts and guides all of us who bend their knee and heart before Almighty Father God and His Son and Servant Jesus as our Master and Lord and Savior.

The time of Christ was from 00 B.C. until 33 A.D. We have 114 fragments of the New Testament dating back to 50-100 A.D., and 5366 Greek copies of parts of the New Testament, and over 19,000 manuscripts in other languages, including 250 books containing most of the N.T and 325 complete New Testaments within 225 years of their writing and less than 300 years from Christ’s Ressurection.

The early church fathers wrote so many quotations from the 27 New Testament books regarded as Canon that as “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell insists; Harold Greenlee was right when he wrote, “These quotations are so extensive that the New Testament could virtually be reconstructed from them without the use of New Testament Manuscripts.”

More than 500 saw Jesus after his Death; and many of them died claiming the evidence of their own eyes and ears and hands. Any court of law would be overwhelmed by this sheer weight of ultimate conviction….and, of course, the Jews and Romans never found the Body of Jesus…and make no doubt of it…Jesus is the greatest threat to human power both of Rome and the False and pharasitical Religion of the Jews, and if there was a body…they would have found it!

Jesus was, by far, the most influencial man that ever existed…even time is measured front and back from His Birth…I don’t even care if Plato existed or not…He couldn’t hold a candle to Jesus or Paul or Luke or Soloman or any child who knows the Truth that Jesus Loves Us so much that he died for us….

Happy Easter…please..if you have any doubts pray…”Jesus if you are real…make yourself known to me and my loved ones.”

“KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”…This great statement was made by Jesus and recorded by his best friend in John 8:32 in the most reliable of all ancient writings…THE NEW TESTAMENT OF JESUS.
mark the freedom poet

3 Responses to “DID PLATO REALLY EXIST?”

  1. Yes, Freedom Poet, the historical evidence of Jesus and his claims is overwhelming…for those with eyes to see.

    Just as Jesus used that term, “he who has eyes to see” and “he who has ears to hear,” so it takes a willingness to even consider the evidence objectively before it can be properly evaluated.

    Unfortunately too many reject the claims of Christ and the Bible out of hand, because it’s easier to believe the simple pablum offered by pop culture that “it’s all a myth.”

    My hope is that more people will give the evidence a fair shake before it’s too late, and they’ve made an irrevocable choice.

    Have a blessed Resurrection Weekend, all!

  2. Heh. I don't believe you are serious.

  3. Heh. I don't believe you are serious.