Democrats Would Fret Style of Deck Chairs on the Titanic

This is illustrative of why the Democrat Party shouldn’t be in any position of authority, not even assistant dog catcher.

The Washington Times report today that at a meeting before the House Judiciary Committee to discuss the Bush administration’s record on border security and immigration, Democrats were instead incensed over a “lack of diversity” at the department charged with ensuring our country is safe.

Rep. Robert C. Scott lead off his questions to Mr. Chertoff by demanding the secretary’s staff stand up to be scrutinized. Minutes later, during his own questions, Rep. Melvin Watt said the point was to prove that none of the 10 staffers who stood met his definition of diverse.

“You brought 10 staff people with you, all white males. I know this hearing is not about diversity of the staff, but I hope you’ve got more diversity in your staff than you’ve reflected here in the people you’ve brought with you,” Mr. Watt, North Carolina Democrat, told the secretary.

Aren’t the abilities and qualifications of people in such important positions just a little more important than whether they’re the right color? Does anyone seriously think there’s a racist, sexist plot at the Department of Homeland Security to oppress and exclude blacks, Hispanics and women?

Why are liberals so hyper-sensitive about race and sex, anyway? Do they have something to feel guilty about?

If liberals ever had the guts to show up at a battle front, I’m sure they’d be running around with clipboards to make sure we had enough blacks and females in the foxholes. This, of course, would be more important than fighting the battle and beating the bad guys.

This silly incident is illustrative of what’s wrong with liberalism in general and the whole Democrat Party. America faces serious issues such as defeating terrorism, protecting our people from nuclear-bent tyrannies like Iran and North Korea, and energy independence.

But what are liberals worried about? Do we have the proper blend of rainbow in our Department of Homeland Security. They fret that homosexuals can’t serve openly in the Department of Defense. They’re worried that the 17% of our budget we spend on defense might not leave enough to pay for health care for illegal aliens. They’re concerned that we might disturb a couple of mating caribou or a rabbit if we drill for much-needed oil in Alaska.

Why a sane adult can ever vote for a Democrat, I’ll never understand. Maybe the third word in my query provides the answer.

4 Responses to “Democrats Would Fret Style of Deck Chairs on the Titanic”

  1. Couldn’t agree more – it’s as if liberals would really prefer to live in a “fairytale” world – than admit that there is a real one out there very different from their “vision.”

  2. Yes, good example. In the modern day it’s American liberal leftists that are the home of bigotry, sexism and racism with their doctrine of diversity and policies of quotas. We will have a difficult time moving forward with our free & just society until this psychic disorder is out of favor, transcended or defeated.

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  4. Anonymous, in a free society and free market economy, you’re always going to have people who get wealthy without producing anything of worth (i.e. the Oprah/Angelina-types you mentioned). The only serious alternative is to embrace Marxism, and hopefully you’re not advocating that.

    Better to concentrate on what we have within our own power to do for ourselves. In a free market, our own prosperity is greatly up to us. If you want to work hard, work 40+ hours a week, take risks, you have the opportunity to do so in the hopes it’ll pay off. For many people, it does. At the same time, we shouldn’t be envious of what others make, even if they ARE slackers. That’s between them and God. I’d rather have the opportunity to create my own destiny that embrace a system that claims to equalize things by robbing from one person and giving to another…and in the end, the law of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” will always be true: some animals will always be “more equal” than others.

    By the way, Anonymous, paragraphs can be your friend. You should get acquainted with them.