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U.S. Court upholds 10 Commandments on public land

“U.S. Court upholds 10 Commandments on public land By Amanda Beck Wed Mar 26, 8:01 PM ET SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A nearly 50-year-old monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments does not violate the Constitution just because it sits nearly alone on public grounds in a Washington city, a federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday.” […]

Hillary Clintons Difficult Relationship with the Truth

I’ve never met Hillary Clinton, but I’ve seen enough of her to know I hope I never do. I have personally known one or two people like her–people who lie like most people breath–and hope that number stays small. It’s hard for the average person to accept much less understand how someone can tell brazen […]

Huckabee Revising History

It looks like Mike Huckabee is carrying on one of the most favored traditions among liberals: historical revision. From yesterday’s Washington Times, Huckabee tries to explain why he didn’t pull off the Republican presidential nomination: “Rank-and-file evangelicals supported me strongly, but a lot of the leadership did not,” the former Arkansas governor says. “Let’s face […]

Military Miffed Over Hillary Clinton’s Mendacity

This is another example of why liberals not only can’t be trusted to lead the military as commander in chief (because they tend to use the military for their own glory, rather than the defense of the nation): their disrespect for the military always shows through at some point and hurts morale. From the New […]

Hillary Clinton Made the Decision to Lie & Did So

by Carrie K. Hutchens I didn’t go looking for skeletons in Hillary Clinton’s closet. I didn’t have to. Right out there in the open for all to see — Hillary Clinton made the decision to lie about being under sniper fire. She, no one else, made the decision to actually make those statements and that […]

Another Bad Day For Chelsea

After being asked at Butler University about Bill’s tryst with Monica and how that reflects on Hillary’s credibility, Chelsea went on to Indiana University in Bloomington for another touchy question. This one about Hillary’s recollections of landing in Bosnia under “sniper fire.” It doesn’t sound as though she was well prepped for this question. If […]

Obama Just Another Liberal Charity Cheapskate

You’re no doubt familiar with how liberals never miss an opportunity to talk about “compassion” and rail about the wealthy “not paying their fair share” and capitalizing on class envy. With all that caterwauling, liberals are sure to be generous people, right? Wrong. In fact, wrong, wrong. Conservatives–especially religious conservatives–give considerably more to charity, even […]