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No Fairness in the Fairness Doctrine

Focus on the Family – Dr. James Dobson About the program: Congressional Democrats are seeking to reinstate the so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” a 1940s-era regulation that required the nation’s TV and radio broadcasters to offer airtime to opposing viewpoints on controversial issues. Many of today’s conservative talk-show hosts and Christian broadcasters say this latest proposal is […]

Report Shows Clearly Saddam’s Support for Terrorism

Information is coming to light about a report called “Saddam and Terrorism: Emerging Insights from Captured Iraqi Documents.” The report can be found at the ABC News website, in addition to several other locations on the internet. Warning: it’s about 45 megabytes in size and will take a while to download, even on a broadband […]

The Big Scoop on Bill Napoli

Apparently the Rapid City Weekly News has the real scoop on the retirement from politics of Dist. 35 Senator Bill Napoli. I came home for lunch and in my mailbox found a big picture of Bill Napoli on the front page of the Rapid City Weekly News (how did a weekly newspaper scoop the “big […]

Pew Study: Most Journalists Call Themselves Liberal

From LifeSiteNews comes an article on a recent Pew Research Center which found that vastly more journalists consider themselves liberal than conservative (and that’s not even taking into consideration the “moderates” who are in actuality liberal in their philosophy): “As was the case in 2004,” reads the commentary on the study by the Pew Research […]

It’s Official: Napoli Retiring from Politics

Here’s the official breaking of the news that Dist. 35 Senator Bill Napoli won’t be running again next year. Advanced warning came last night from the South Dakota War College. From the Rapid City Journal, with a reference to information from KOTA: State Sen. Bill Napoli of Rapid City could run for re-election for another […]

Prominent Black Minister Refutes Racist Statements of Rev. Jeremiah Wright

CHESAPEAKE, Virg., March 20 /Christian Newswire/ — Black minister and graduate of Harvard Law School, Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., has begun a campaign to make clear that Jeremiah Wright does not represent black preachers or what is being taught in black churches across America. Says Bishop Jackson, “This kind of virulent Anti-American bigotry is anathema […]

How Many Abortions Per Woman is Too Many? Five? Six? Seven?

Some pretty stunning abortion figures are coming out of Great Britain. According to, many women are getting multiple abortions, reinforcing the notion that it is being used as birth control–perhaps the only form of birth control by some women: new figures show 1,300 women have had five abortions or more. The repeat abortion stats […]

Environmentalism I Can Support

From Laura at[C]arbon offset schemes can be ‘confusing’ but this carbon debit plan is both crystal clear and a wonderful gift idea.