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Enriching Our Lives by Opposing the War

I’m beginning to wonder if some of the opposition to the war in Iraq doesn’t come down to some pure, old-fashioned self-centered greed. Greed, you ask? As strange as it sounds, yes. Consider some of the comments, both from interviewees and the journalist who wrote the story, in this article today from the Argus Leader: […]

Examining the Iraq-al Qaeda Connection

Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard has an interesting piece on the (perhaps intentionally) confusing picture sown by the media concerning al Qaeda ties to Iraq. He specifically examines the nature and extent of any relationship the two may have had: Let me make a more basic point. A relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda […]

Iraq War 5th Anniversary

Today is the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

How Should Christians Respond to Homosexuality? Part 2

Focus on the Family – Dr. James Dobson About the program: Most Christians have heard the phrase, “hate the sin but love the sinner.” Unfortunately, many homosexuals feel like evangelicals hate them as people because of their behavior. How has the church gone wrong in responding to the gay community? Author and counselor Joe Dallas […]

Terrorist Surveillance: ‘We’re Waiting…’

Democrats waste no time spending the taxpayer’s money on pork projects and things that people should be doing for themselves, but national security…

Obama’s Pastor Despises Successful Black People

I hate to keep beating this drum about Barack Obama and his pastor. However, when Obama continues to dodge the question of how much he knew of his pastor’s racist, anti-American opinions, and continues to excuse Rev. Jeremiah Wright by claiming the man just brought some baggage from the 1960s, the truth and accuracy of […]

School District Allows Pro-Life Group Access, Lawsuit Goes Forward

Last month, Citizens for Life in Rapid City filed a lawsuit against the Rapid City School district because they had repeatedly been denied permission to use Dakota Middle School after hours for a pro-life event. Citizens for Life simply sought the same right to use the facility as other groups receive upon request, but were […]

Study: Pot More Dangerous Than Cigarettes

Last month I wrote about a New Zealand study which found that marijuana use can harm your gums or even make your teeth fall out. Recent studies have also found smoking pot exacerbates schizophrenia, and can bring on lung disease 20 years earlier than cigarette smokers. The Baptist Press today also examines that New Zealand […]