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Theater Employees Slander Christian Movie

In an age when Hollywood seems to always be pushing the envelope on sex, violence, bad attitudes and depravity, it’s hard to find something wholesome and uplifting to watch during a night out at the movies. Last month, my wife and I found such a movie on a much-needed “date night” with the kids at […]

Another Terrorist Torture Chamber Uncovered

While Democrats and some in the Republican Party would rather bury their heads in the sand and slink away from the War on Terrorism in defeat, there are increasing news reports of torture rooms being found and destroyed by military forces. The latest comes from UPI in Afghanistan: British Coldstream Guards were alerted to the […]

Spending Too Much on Defense? Look at the Numbers

Rebecca Hagelin’s column today debunks the myth that the United States is going bankrupt because of our defense spending, that we’re spending too much money to stop the bad guys and keep the country safe. Sadly, there are those even in the Republican Party who are perpetuating this myth, including Ron Paul. Polls suggest […]

Obama’s Church Hates America

I don’t know about you, but I usually listen pretty closely to what my pastor says, and almost always try to live my life the way my pastor recommends. There are some areas in the Bible that are not absolutely clear cut, and my pastor is human, too, so I don’t follow him like I […]

McCain Statement Supporting Earmark Reform

ARLINGTON, Va., March 13 /Standard Newswire/ — U.S. Senator John McCain today issued the following statement calling for a stop to earmarks: “I am proud to have fought against the practice of earmarking and wasteful pork-barrel spending. It has often been a lonely fight, but one I know is worth winning. I am encouraged by […]

The Victimization of Hillary Clinton & the So-Called Sisterhood

by Carrie K. Hutchens It shouldn’t be surprising, I suppose, but here we have another Hillary Clinton supporter injecting the thought of race into the conversation, while claiming it is Obama’s campaign that is always doing so. Excuse me? Have we all entered the realm of the Twilight Zone and yet to realize it? It […]

Planned Parenthood Promotes the Benefits of Pornography

You may recall from previous reports I’ve done on Planned Parenthood’s teen website called that this website goes a long way in encouraging sexuality, advanced sexuality, in our children. While I may be some prudish Right winger, a porn star has weighed in and according to CNS News, he affirms that teenwire is an […]

The Wisdom of War Protesters

Below is a video from the Daily Show with a fake correspondent who goes out and taps the “wisdom” of the anti-war crowd. Some of my favorite parts: The idiot protester says it’s their free speech right to protest the Marines. The interviewer asks, “If only there was an organization that was sworn to defend […]

Video: War Protesters Interrupt Senate Session

From Breitbart: AP: They had chanted, “The war is immoral! Stop funding the war!”—as police officers grabbed them and physically removed them from a visitors gallery overlooking the Senate floor.

South Dakota Abortion Ban Gaining Momentum

As the petition deadline approaches in a couple of weeks, efforts continue in South Dakota to get the 16,776 petition signatures required to put the latest abortion ban measure on the November ballot. This measure differs from the one in 2006 which contained no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother. Supporters […]