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The Value of Full-Time Mothers

Focus on the Family – Dr. James Dobson About the program: So what do stay-at-home moms do all day? Sleep late, watch soap operas and surf the Internet? Hardly! Author and speaker Jill Savage describes how more women today are choosing to forsake the corporate world, why critics don’t view parenting as a “real” job […]

Not My Shower

BreakPoint – Chuck Colson and Mark Earley When men are allowed to use women’s public restrooms and showers. Click here to listen. From

Censoring the Church, Part 2

The tragic murder of Matthew Shepard turns him into an icon for “hate crime” legislation. Ironically, when people in “protected” groups commit “hate crimes,” there is no outcry from the same sources. About the video: Hate crime laws now threaten free speech and religious liberty nationwide and threaten those who speak out against homosexuality. “Hate […]

Gods Made in Our Image: Politicians As Entertainers

By John W. Whitehead We’ve got to face it. Politics have entered a new stage, the television stage. Instead of long-winded public debates, the people want capsule slogans—“Time for a change”—“The mess in Washington”—“More bang for a buck”—punch lines and glamour.— A Face in the Crowd (1957) We have entered a new age of political […]

Scientist Gathering Challenges Gore ‘Science’

WorldNetDaily reports on the gathering of more than 100 scientists at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change. Environmental scientist S. Fred Singer and others gathered to shatter Al Gore’s myth that humanity is causing global warming. At the meeting, Singer presented a 40-page report on a study conducted over the past three years by […]

Obama Pledges to Gut National Defense

When the Cold War ended in the early 1990s, much was made of the “peace dividend” and liberals in both parties wasted no time trimming down our military. The move to take money away from one of the few areas authorized by the Constitution (national defense) and spend it on social programs (that are not […]