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Supporting Sin Doesn’t Make You Less Christian

I have to commend Senator Barak Obama. He’s given me the freedom as a Christian to live any way I please. Apparently it doesn’t matter what God has said, what the Bible says, or whether I’m living or advocating things in opposition to what God has said: nothing can make me “less Christian.” A CNS […]

Jack Bauer and Just War

ON THE CHURCH AND SOCIETY By Raymond J. Keating I’m worried. Who the heck is protecting these United States of America from assorted terrorist threats? After all, even though the Hollywood writer’s strike is over, Jack Bauer and “24” will not return to FOX until 2009. I’m going through some serious “24” withdrawal. For those […]

When figuring legislative spending, perhaps naivete is part of the problem

By Gordon Garnos AT ISSUE: South Dakota’s legislators are now on their two-week hiatus before they return March 17 for the real, final day of this year’s session. It appears the two big issues facing this session and getting the most press were the Governor cutting $2 million from the Highway Patrol’s budget and how […]