Zeitgeist, The spirit of a Liar

Zeitgeist, the Movie is a film produced by Peter Joseph and released initially via Google Video in June of 2007. It attempts to refute claims of Christianity as to the very existence of Jesus of Nazareth, instead claiming the story of Jesus, the man and Jesus the Messiah is simply an amalgam of more ancient stories from prior pagan cultures, principally from the Egyptian Sun god Horus. The movie goes further to claim the attacks of 9-11 were the result of a great conspiracy of which the U.S. Government was complicit, then, finally asserts a grand banking conspiracy involving the U.S., the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and various nebulous organizations that may or may not actually exist. Zeitgeist means “the spirit of the times.”

Zeitgeist thus presents the pet theories of the Soros-lead left that blame all of the worlds ills on Christians, America and “the rich.”


The video linked above, from Beit Shalom Ministries refutes the thesis of Zeitgeist thoroughly and convincingly. Christians should be aware of this attack on our faith and be prepared to refute its claims. Fortunately, this isn’t that hard when you see how deceptive and ridiculous some of the claims are.

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  1. This is Brother Elliott from Beit Shalom Minstries. A brother in Christ e-mailed me this link.

    While I could not stand by the erroneous claims made about our Messiah Yeshua in the film Zeitgeist, I do agree with most of the information the film Zeitgeist presented on 9/11 and the Federal Reserve. I encourage all to look into the unanswered questions surrounding 9/11 and the origin of the Federal Reserve. For more information, watch 9/11: The Birth of Treason available on google video or Loose Change: Final Cut.

    We are closer to the second coming of Yeshua than ever before. Take heed so nobody deceives you! Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. God is love. Jesus is His Son. His Spirit will bear witness with your spirit. Turn from your sins for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!


  2. I do not agree to the claim made by the post that the video by Beit Shalom Ministries debunks anything. They use the bible as the source which itself is in question as an authentic word of god.

    If Jesus is a myth why should the bible be believed anyway. It may just be another propaganda literature. It was written by people who did not even live at the same age as Jesus. Just saying that They got divine inspiration is not proof enough. The maker of the Zeitgeist- the movie similarly can claim that he recieved divine inspiration to do the movie too.

    I think the claims made in the video by the Beit Shalom Ministries should be under critical review also.

    Frankly I don’t think this post will be published given the religious inclination of this blog and censorship which Christians have been involved in for centuries about anything that does not fit their ideas. However felt that I should throw in my two cents.

    – Ron

  3. Anonymous apparently didn’t view either the film Zeitgeist or the rebuttal. The Zeitgeist film lies and distorts history to make their case about the Bible story of Jesus of Nazareth, claiming that a dozen or more stories of pagan deities predate the Christian era and have elements in common such as a virgin birth, resurrection, crucifixion, star in the east and twelve disciples, and more. Most of this is made up of whole cloth. There are no original sources that predate Christ that claim any such thing, except in bizarre stretches of imagination.

    Brother Elliot, I looked around your web site at some lenght and I respect and admire much that you are doing to spread the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. On almost all things theological we are in close agreement, both of us relying on the Word of God as the sole authority.

    On matters of politics, especially the war on terrorism (which includes Iraq) and the events of 9-11, we see things much differently. But our salvation doesn’t depend on that and we can disagree about some things and still be brothers in Christ.

  4. Well, Ron, I’m happy to surprise you by posting your comment. And thanks for taking the time, by the way.

    I haven’t seen the video yet (this post was made by another DV author), so I can’t speak to its claims. But I’m curious as to what serious authority you’re referring to as questioning the Bible as the authentic word of God.

    It’s difficult to prove beyond a doubt the full authenticity of anything that was written 2000-3000 years ago, but there are more ancient manuscripts available to authenticate the Bible than there are most if not all of the classic historians and literary texts–yet few people doubt the authenticity of these.

    The Bible also authenticates its accuracy through prophecy, which in the Old Testament not only foretold the coming of Jesus Christ completely accurately, but also future leaders such as Cyrus. And in the New Testament Jesus foretold the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. Archaeology continues to authenticate the Bible, as some things mentioned pretty much exclusively by the Bible, such as the Hittites, are continually being uncovered as true.

    May I submit that questions about the authenticity don’t have so much to do with evidence as they do a disagreement with the message of the Bible and the implications of that message?

    You’re right, Ron, in saying that if Jesus is a myth, then the Bible (at least the New Testament, for sure) isn’t worth believing. Me? I’d rather not waste my time believing a lie, so I’d walk away from Christianity in a heartbeat if I had proof that it was false. And please believe me, I’m a skeptic by nature.

    But despite examining the criticisms of many unbelievers, I’ve found none to hold up. And I’ve seen incontrovertible, life-changing evidence in my own life experience that Jesus Christ was and is real.

    But you can’t prove any of that to someone unless they’re willing to approach the evidence with an open mind and examine it objectively.

    If you’re willing to do that, I’d encourage you to read the Bible, not just what people like me or anyone else says about it, but read it for yourself. Examine it’s claims as you read it over a period of weeks or months and see if it holds up.

    Thanks again for your comments, Ron. I pray that you’ll find Truth on your journey.

  5. The Beit Shalom vid loses credibility as soon as it begins to roll the quotations from the bible itself. That Christianity is a form of hi-jacked Judaism (ask any ‘real’ Jew) which initself is a collection of myths, analogues and metaphors borrowed from the various cultures (Egypt, Sumer et al) that held power over it, is not opinion but objective, historical substantiated fact. Any person of ‘faith’ who challenges that reality, is compelled to do so because their ‘belief’ is reliant upon it being so.

    It has to been realized by those who find the Zeitgeist movie threatening, that the first part, only deals with the untangling the myth making in religion. That Prescott Bush profited from World War 1 is fact, that the Fed is a privately run cabal, is fact

    Religious fanaticism is what ruins the world, and it is a tool used by the aforementioned, to control them, that is plain, Look at Islam if you cannot accept this about Christianity, and you will find the same process.

    If there is a dark agent or force which has a desire to usurp man and it’s potential, then the creation of religion is it’s greatest achievement and those who are blinded by myth, would do well to educate themselves and understand the opiate which clouds their reason.

    God help you all.