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Indiana Senate Passes Pharmacist Conscience Protection Bill

LifeNews is reporting that the Indiana state senate has passed a bill similar to South Dakota’s law which protects the right of conscience of a pharmacist who does not want to dispense a drug that violates his conscience. Sen. Jeff Drozda is the Republican senator who sponsored the bill. Senate Bill 3 came under fire […]

Dykstra Senate Campaign Cash Mostly From South Dakota

This just in from the Joel Dykstra for Senate campaign: For Immediate Release – January 30, 2008Contact Sue Salter, Communications Director Canton, SD – The number of South Dakotans contributing money to Republican Joel Dykstra’s U.S. Senate campaign increased by about 50 percent in the fourth quarter of 2007. The contributions are detailed in Dykstra’s […]

Sonogram Bills Pass, Emphasis on Opponents

The Rapid City Journal features a story today about the sonogram bill that passed both houses in the legislature yesterday. The bills would require a sonogram be offered to women seeking an abortion before the abortion could be performed. The subheadline on the front page of the Journal raises an interesting question about the so-called […]

Abortion Business Admits: Birth Control Doesn’t Always Work

We’re always told (by Planned Parenthood-types, anyway) that the best way to reduce abortions is through sex education and access to contraceptives, right? If you believe that, or if you’ve even heard it, you might find this story from LifeNews interesting. A British-based abortion business that operates abortion centers internationally admitted on Tuesday that women […]

It’s All Worldview

BreakPoint – Chuck Colson and Mark Earley Click here to listenFrom

Family News in Focus 01-30-08

School choices getting larger under Pell Grants for Kids 9th Circuit Court finds Arizona’s Choose Life licence plates legal Texas cracks down on strip clubs and other AOBs thanks to new law Pro-family congressmen honored with True Blue awards Click here to listen From

Planned Parenthood Makes Capital Gains

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Wilberforce Documentary to Air on PBS in February

Show about British parliamentarian airs nationwide in time for Black History Month NEW YORK, Jan. 30 /Standard Newswire/ — In time for Black History Month, an inspiring, new one-hour television documentary, “ THE BETTER HOUR: The Legacy of William Wilberforce,” will appear nationwide on public television beginning in February, 2008. The film was produced to […]

Hillary Clinton Celebrates Win of Three Way Tie

By Carrie K. Hutchens It was quite amusing watching Hillary Clinton celebrate the three way tie in Florida Tuesday night, as though she were somehow the winner. She isn’t. She received an absolute zero just the same as Obama and John Edwards did and not a fraction more or less. So what was she celebrating? […]

Gitmo lawyers endorse Obama

Besides Edward’s likely support, Obama has won the endorsement of lawyers who have taken the side of enemy combatants against America. The Soros crowd will surely be thrilled. From the Miami Herald: WASHINGTON —More than 80 attorneys who have been offering free-of-charge legal services to Guantánamo detainees issued a statement Monday supporting Democrat Barack Obama’s […]

Breaking News: John Edwards To Drop Out

Breaking news reports that John Edwards has decided to drop out of the race for president. He is to announce his decision later today.

Giuliani Finishes Poorly in Florida, Dropout Expected

Well, the Florida election results are in, and it’s no joy for Rudy Giuliani. Rumors are high that he’s going to drop out tomorrow and endorse John McCain; something like that was already expected even before tonight. Here’s WBOC in Denver says from an AP feed: Republican officials say Rudy Giuliani, who finished a distant […]

Video: State of the Union, Bush on Health Care

Excerpt from Bush’s final State of the Union address – Jan. 28, 2008: “To build a future of quality health care, we must trust patients and doctors to make medical decisions and empower them with better information and better options. We share a common goal: making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans. […]

Video: State of the Union, Bush on Earmarks

Excerpt from Bush’s final State of the Union address – Jan. 28, 2008: “Just as we trust Americans with their own money, we need to earn their trust by spending their tax dollars wisely. Next week, I will send you a budget that terminates or substantially reduces 151 wasteful or bloated programs totaling more than […]

Will Giuliani Bow Out After Florida?

Florida exit polls aren’t looking good for Rudy Giuliani. AP is stating that it looks like Florida will either go to Mitt Romney or John McCain. Meanwhile, word has it Giuliani was betting the farm on Florida to make his fortunes rise. MSNBC says that Giuliani’s campaign privately admits Florida will be make-or-break for the […]