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The Clinton Insult to All Americans

By Carrie K. Hutchens Hillary and Bill Clinton may think it is just politics as usual, but some call their behavior insulting and unforgivable. I am one of the some. It is maddening to have someone do or say something, only for the person to then deny it ever took place, in spite of overwhelming […]

Why the Sonogram Bill is So Important

This is why HB 1193, and the smokeout of SB 88 in the South Dakota Legislature is so important. It provides sonograms to women who are considering abortions. (Click to enlarge) Great kudos to the House for passing 1193 out of committee this morning! Many women realize after they’ve aborted their unborn children that it […]

Abstaining from Abstinence on American Idol

Washington Watch Daily – Tony Perkins Click here to listen From

Preschool Behavior Problems

Here’s a disturbing but sadly not surprising story from ABC News about Janine Butler, a 28-year-old New Jersey teacher, knows something about out-of-control students. One girl threw objects, threatened Butler with knives and tried to bite her. Another boy was “just rude, rude, rude,” pulling down his pants and swearing at her. The final straw […]

A Career Marked by Dignity

Want to hear about a man who lives out his faith in Jesus Christ, helping the downtrodden in deep but humble ways? Then you need to listen to today’s Breakpoint. Click here to listen From

Video: MSNBC GOP Debate in Florida – 1/24/08

This is a video of the entire debate in Boca Raton yesterday. Courtesy of Nate at YouDecide2008.

Family News in Focus 01-25-08

Democrats slow on judicial confirmations FRC poll shows 56% wouldn’t support universal health care that covers abortion Washington D.C. employees surf a lot of porn at work Texas high school kids get lessons in parenting Click here to listen From

NB: Europeans against Hillary, cancelling the Oscars?

Topics in this episode: Liberal groups fail to force a withdrawal from Iraq, Nancy Pelosi’s gourmet food, new FAA regulations for pilots, Wesley Snipes, and more! NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the day, uploaded every Tuesday and every Friday.

In God We Still Trust

A friend sent me this one. It’s Diamond Rio doing “In God We Still Trust.” We have for nearly 400 years on this continent, and if we don’t let the secularists have their way, we’ll keep on trusting Him! What a great way to start your day!

Pharmacists and Conscience: Close But No Cigar

You have to give these liberal feminists credit: they’re nothing if not persistent. Pharmacists who have moral reservations about selling contraception has been an ongoing discussion in the blogosphere for a few weeks now, initially spurred on by a Montana pharmacist. It continues with the submission of SB 164 in the South Dakota legislature, which […]

Clergy Bless a New Abortuary as ‘Sacred’

Some strange goings on out in New York, from the Times Union. Seems that in the town of Schenectady, some “clergy” got together to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the bloodletting started by Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. According to the article, the “clergy” called the abortion facility “sacred ground.” Rev. Larry Phillips […]

Divided: Does Intentionally Infecting Someone with AIDS Make You a Sex Offender?

The Rapid City Journal reports that the South Dakota Senate approved today a bill (SB 65) that would classify someone who intentionally exposed another person to HIV through sexual intercourse as a sex offender. I’ve been a bit undecided on this one. On one hand, intentionally infecting someone with a deadly disease is one of […]

Sell Pork or Break the Law?

Jon Schaff at South Dakota Politics provides a good analogy in the debate about SB 164, a bill which would force pharmacists to sell contraception despite any moral objections they might have to doing so. Schaff paints the picture of a bookstore owner being forced to sell a particular book in his store, regardless of […]