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Mike Huckabee Lacks Understanding of the Nature of Evil

Well, it’s been at least a few days since I posted anything negative about Mike Huckabee, so I suppose it’s time to stoke the fires again. The Washington Times has a piece today on the chaos Huckabee left in the Republican Party in Arkansas. More specifically, it examines how he was at odds with his […]

Abortion: Eyes Open But Never Seeing

Boy, talk about a weak effort to misdirect from the point. In response to the shallow coverage of the latest abortion statistics released by the South Dakota Department of Health, I wrote a letter to the Rapid City Journal . My letter was published earlier this month: The recent Rapid City Journal article about the […]

Family News in Focus 01-24-08

Homosexual-friendly TV awards Court forces corrections officials to provide taxpayer-funded abortions Teachers boo The Hutch when he speaks to students Checking out porn on the library computers Click here to listen From

The Coast Isn’t Clear for U.S. Coast Guard

Washington Watch Daily – Tony Perkins Click here to listen From

28th Bomb Wing Deploys from Ellsworth

More than 200 airmen with the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing left behind the frigid air of South Dakota and Ellsworth Air Force Base Monday – deploying to the warmer climate of the Middle East.

Leftist Talk Show Host: Bill Clinton is a Fibber

Of course the Clinton’s are lying; they’re talking, aren’t they? The question is: will the American people hold them accountable for it. From the track record of 8+ years ago, I wouldn’t bet on it. On Hardball with Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz responds to a series of attacks Bill Clinton has leveled at Barack Obama

Socialized Medicine is Great…Until You Need It

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that “free” socialized medicine is a BAD idea…but it helps. Filmmaker Stuart Browning shows the callousness of “single-payer”, government-run health care systems as practiced in Canada.

Someone Lied About Bush Lying

I knew this latest “Bush Lied” so-called report that was going around the internet yesterday was a load of bunk when I saw it. I didn’t have time to research it at the time, though a cursory examination of it was enough to know that it was just another empty smear job like we’ve seen […]

On Pharmacists: Miraculously Missing the Point

Want to see an illustration of how liberals can’t comprehend the truth, even after you’ve made it clear enough for a 5-year old to get? Go over to DakotaWomen and read Anna’s post on my comments yesterday regarding SB 164, the bill that intends to force pharmacists to violate their conscience or lose their job. […]