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Recommended Reading 1/23/2008

The Gospel Depends on the Accuracy of Genesis

Answers with Ken Ham The doctrines upon which the Gospel of Jesus Christ rests (God’s design for humanity and the universe, the origin of evil, the origin of sin, man’s fallen state, etc.) depend on the accuracy of the book of Genesis. If Genesis is unreliable, so is the Gospel. Click here to listen From […]

Seal from First Temple confirms accuracy of the Bible

2,500-Year-Old Seal of First Temple Family Mentioned in Nehemiah Discovered in Jerusalem: Teresa Neumann (January 18, 2008) One cannot help being astonished by the credibility of the Biblical source as seen by the archaeological find. Reported in Biblical Archeology on-line, Jan. 19, 2008. (Jerusalem)—A 2,500-year-old black stone seal bearing the name “Temech” on it was […]

Family News in Focus 01-23-08

Hispanic community is a pro-life stronghold Human-animal hybrids being created Zoning laws work in regulating sexually oriented businesses Most of the unchurched think they can have a good relationship with God without going to church Click here to listen From

Viewing Porn on Library Computers

Washington Watch Daily – Tony Perkins Click here to listen From

The Latest NewsBusted Episode

Topics in this episode: Democrats’ race war in ’08 primaries, Romney takes Nevada, MSNBC acknowledges moonbat Keith Olbermann’s influence, the new Rambo movie, and more! NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the day, uploaded every Tuesday and every Friday

Bill Would Force Pharmacists to Violate Conscience

The Rapid City Journal says SB 164 has been submitted to the legislature and “seeks to protect people’s right to get birth control pills and other contraceptives.” The article says that current law allows pharmacists to refuse to dispense medication they believe would be used for an abortion or suicide, and SB164 is intended to […]

Rush Limbaugh May Pass on Supporting GOP Nominee

Seems I’m not the only conservative becoming resigned to sitting out this primary…and maybe this election. NewsMax reports Rush Limbaugh said today, “I can see possibly not supporting the Republican nominee this election, and I never thought that I would say that in my life.” Why would the Majority Maker say this? “Wherever you go […]

Fred Thompson Drops Out

Well, the horse I jumped on three days ago when Duncan Hunter dropped out has now quit on me. It’s a hostile world out there for conservative horses, these days. With Fred Thompson gone, there isn’t a single GOP candidate I’d trust with my tax dollars OR my freedom. Giuliani’s a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual liberal. McCain’s […]

Examining the Values of Human Life Part 2

In the conclusion of this two-part program, former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson answers compelling questions from a studio audience. He addresses topics such as the dangers of genetic manipulation, the value of human life, the pain babies feel during an abortion and the prospects for an end to abortion in American society. Dr. Nathanson continues […]